Palestinians injured as Israeli forces quell march in Hebron

Days of Palestine – Hebron – Dozens of Palestinian citizens suffered injuries on Sunday when the Israeli occupation forces attacked a march staged in Hebron City in solidarity with hunger-striking administrative detainees.

Several marches and sit-ins were organized in Hebron City yesterday evening to express solidarity with seven hunger strikers and demand their release from Israeli jails.

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The participants in the rallies carried out Palestinian flags, placards against administrative detention, and pictures of the hunger strikers.

Local sources said that violent clashes broke out with Israeli forces after they blocked the northern entrance to al-Hebron and started shooting rubber bullets at protesters and showering them with tear gas grenades.

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They added that young marchers responded to the soldiers by torching tires on the road and hurling stones at them.

Seven Palestinian prisoners have been on open-ended hunger strike for different periods in protest at their detention administratively, with no indictments or trials.

Prisoner Kayed al-Fasfous, from Dura town in al-Khalil, is considered the longest hunger-striking prisoner as he has been on hunger strike for 103 days.

The other hunger strikers are Miqdad al-Qawasmeh, Alaa al-Araj, Hisham Abu Hawash, Shadi Abu Aker and Eyyad al-Harimi, and Ra’fat Abu Rabiee. They have been on hunger strike for 96, 79, 70, 62, 33, and 9 days respectively.

Most of the hunger strikers, especially Fasfous and Qawasmeh, suffer from life-threatening health issues due to their protracted hunger strike.

(Source / 25.10.2021)

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