Israeli diplomat suggests cutting off power & water from US consulate in Jerusalem should it get reopened

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The former Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, suggested that Israeli authorities cut off power and water from the US consulate in occupied Jerusalem should Washington reopen it, reported Israeli media.

Israel Hayom cited Oren recalling an Israeli demolition of a Palestinian-owned outdoor toilet in the eastern part of Jerusalem and the US rejection for the move.

Oren said he was summoned to the State Department and rebuked for the demolition. “The demolition was authorized by the Israeli courts,” said Oren. That event “like other humiliating incidents” was “germinated at the American consulate in Jerusalem”, he added.

the Israeli newspaper cited Oren as speaking with pro-Israel organizations about the consulate in the eastern part of Jerusalem, through which the US communicates with the Palestinians.

“I showed them the consulate’s website. Everything on it was a Palestinian narrative, just in Arabic and English. From that website, you would not know that there was a single Jew in Jerusalem. I told them; this is antisemitic. Do something about it. They weren’t willing to go up against the State Department. The consulate made sure to avoid even an appearance of American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and in embittered the lives of successive governments here every time they built a new neighborhood for Jews in Jerusalem, and every time they tried to enforce planning and building laws in east Jerusalem”, he said.

Oren added that he is convinced that if the Biden administration takes unilateral steps and reopens the consulate, the occupations state will have to fight the move. “Theoretically, one could stop providing electricity and water to the building. And it is possible to do other things that we shouldn’t talk about right now,” he says. “One has to take into account that there will be a price to pay; perhaps condemnations and perhaps sanctions. Therefore, we have to weigh carefully whether we can bear those costs. It is a strategic question, but, if, God forbid, the Americans decide to break all the rules, the battle at one level or the other will have to continue.”

(Source / 25.10.2021)

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