Israeli settlers set up six mobile homes on West Bank land near Bethlehem in effort to steal it

Days of Palestine – Bethlehem – Israeli settlers placed six mobile homes in an area south of Bethlehem, in the south of the occupied West Bank, as a prelude to stealing the Palestinian land, today said a local official.

Ammar Hijazi, the member of the village council of Wad Rahal, said that some 400 settlers from the illegal settlement of Efrat, backed by soldiers, broke into Khillat al-Nahla area, near Wad Rahal, and placed six mobile homes and several tents in the area, which is normally a prelude to taking over the land.

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Last week, Israeli bulldozers leveled 10 dunums of land planted with olive saplings in the same area and demolished retaining walls and the ground foundation for a house that was being built there.

Officials believe that the recent Israeli assault on that area will eventually lead to taking over a large area of Palestinian land for settlement purposes.

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(Source / 23.10.2021)

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