Al-Hayya: Palestinian liberation possible by the nation’s unity

Days of Palestine – Gaza – A top Hamas delegation has Tuesday attended the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference underway in the Iranian capital of Tehran with the theme of “Islamic Unity, Peace, and Avoidance of Division and Conflict in the World of Islam.”

Led by the deputy head of Hamas’s regional political bureau in Palestine Khalil al-Hayya, the delegation included Osama Hamdan, Abu Ahmed Jamal, and Hamas’s representative in Iran Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi.

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In his speech at the opening ceremony, al-Hayya expressed regret over the current division in the world of Islam stressing that regional stability is achieved as a result of materializing unity among all Muslims.
He said, “It is unfortunate that the Muslim nation is divided since enemies are making the best of that to loot our wealth and spread oppression in Islamic states.”
“We all agree on the same principles in our religion and we should not forget our numerous commonalities in comparison with minor disagreements.”
He further reiterated unity as the dire need of the Islamic nation and called on all Muslims to fight any divisive factors.
He described Palestine as the region mostly oppressed by enemies and said,” Zionist regime has targeted the first Qibla of all Muslims in a bid to dominate the Islamic nation”, adding,” That is the reason for its constant aggression in Palestinian lands.”
He called all Muslims brothers in religion urging for a unified stance against arrogant enemies.
The Hamas official reiterated that regional stability is achieved when Islamic unity is materialized and called on Muslims to join hands and end the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
AL-Hayya, in conclusion, hoped that the conference will soon be organized in liberated Jerusalem.

The 35th International Conference on Islamic Unity got underway on Tuesday morning in Tehran with the participation of Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi and a number of Iranian and Muslim scholars.

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(Source / 21.10.2021)

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