After allowing her entry to home… ‘Israel’ imposes 5000 NIS on released prisoner

Gaza (QNN)- Israeli authorities on Tuesday imposed 5000 NIS on Nisreen Abu Kamil as a condition to allow her to enter Gaza and reunite with her family after two days of prevention.

The occupation state had announced this morning that Abu Kamil is approved to enter Gaza, shortly after imposing 5000 NIS fine on her.

Israeli authorities had prevented Abu Kamil from going back to her home after six years in jail. Her family has been waiting for her on the other side of Beit Hanoun border crossing for two days.

During the last two days, Abu Kamil has been trying to enter Gaza but in vain. Locals in occupied Hebron and the family of the former prisoner Haifa Abu Sbeih had announced that they will welcome Abu Kamil until she is allowed to go back to her family.

(Source / 20.10.2021)

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