Islamic-Christian Committee condemns decision of Israeli court to bulldoze cemeteries in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Islamic-Christian Committee for the Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites condemned the decision of the Israeli occupation Magistrate’s Court to allow the occupation municipality to continue excavating the graves of Muslims in the land of the martyrs’ shrine adjacent to the Yusufiya cemetery.

The Committee said in a press statement today, Monday (18-10), that this decision “sets a dangerous precedent and confirms the ugly face of the Israeli judiciary as a partner of the Israeli institution in attacking the sanctity of the dead in order to establish public parks behind which settlement associations are standing.

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They stressed that this decision gives the Israeli occupation a legal umbrella in order to continue its aggression against the city of Jerusalem and the Judaization of its religious and historical landmarks, and the obliteration of all historical and Islamic endowment monuments, including those cemeteries.

“The policy of ethnic cleansing practiced by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Jerusalemites, has become affecting the dead in their graves, which constitutes a serious violation of all human values, principles and norms,” the Committee added. 

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The Committee warned of the continuation of these aggressive violations and the dire consequences that may result from them, which will bear its responsibility.

It called on the international community to assume its legal and humanitarian responsibilities and to use all effective means to deter the occupation authorities and compel them to stop these violations, which constitute a crime against humanity.

(Source / 18.10.2021)

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