Hayya: We insists to complete exchange deal; PA participates in siege of Gaza

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Khalil al-Hayya, head of Hamas’ Arab and Islamic Relations Office, confirmed on Friday evening his movement’s insistence on implementing a new prisoner exchange deal, indicating that it is ready for it if the Israeli occupation pays its dues.

Al-Hayya confirmed, in a television interview on the local Al-Aqsa channel, that the prisoners of the Israeli occupation will not be freed until after our prisoners see freedom, warning against the occupation’s sadistic behavior towards the Palestinian prisoners and its treatment of hunger strikers.

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Regarding the Cairo meetings, the Hamas leader said that they touched on several files, most notably how to develop the relationship with the brothers in Egypt, the file of the siege, reconstruction, and prisoners, in addition to the violations of the Israeli occupation.

He pointed out that there is a state of rapprochement with Egypt, “in light of the advanced relations that are taking place in the region between countries that seek to dissolve differences between those countries.”

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Al-Hayya revealed that Egypt will soon start implementing reconstruction plans and projects inside the Gaza Strip.

He said: “We called our brothers in Egypt to facilitate work at the Rafah crossing and the movement of Palestinian travelers and to solve all the problems they face, and we discussed trade exchange with them, and this commercial movement has begun on the ground.”

Al-Hayya stressed that Hamas insists that the people of Gaza live their lives with dignity and freedom, “and we are able to extract that from the occupation, and facilitating the movement of merchants through the crossings and their entry into our occupied lands is part of the attempts to lift the siege on Gaza.”

He continued: “We do not abandon the central issues of our people, and we do not get distracted by Gaza from the rest of our national issues, and the battle of the sword of Jerusalem was for the sake of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, and any other battle will be for the sake of the homeland, and we will not accept that our people live under siege.”

And he indicated that “the resistance is the one who manages any truce with the occupation,” and that any “cease-fire will not be for free.”

Al-Hayya called for arranging the Palestinian internal house and re-forming the national leadership, including the National Council and the Liberation Organization, stressing the readiness of his movement for the elections.

In this regard, he said: “We presented to the brothers in Egypt a vision of Palestinian reconciliation and unification of the Palestinian ranks, on which most of the factions agreed.”

Al-Hayya pointed out that the authority in Ramallah has become at its worst, and it is participating in the siege of the Gaza Strip.

However, he added: “But the Palestinian people have the power of management to defeat the enemy, and they are able to conquer the Palestinian division through its tools, especially elections.”

(Source / 16.10.2021)

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