Report by The Intercept reveals Facebook secret blacklist

The list includes human rights experts, charity organizations, and Palestinian citizens killed by the occupation state.

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A report by The Intercept revealed Facebook’s secret blacklist, upon which the social media giant depends in censoring content. The blacklist includes dozens of Palestinian figures and organizations and zero Israeli targets.

On Facebook’s blacklist figures and terms related to the resistance. They include The Palestinian Joint Operation Room, Palestine Martyrs Association, Al Sanabel Association, Al Aqsa Association, Al Aqsa Islamic Bank, Al Aqsa International Association, Al Aqsa TV, Al Quds Foundation, the International Islamic Bank in Gaza.

The blacklist also included dozens of names of citizens killed or detained by ‘Israel’, as well as, leaders of resistance factions and elected politicians, including Abdul Aziz Al Rantisi, Abu Anas Ghandouur, Baha’a Abu Ata, Ahmad Yassin, Ahmad Jibril, Ali Hassan Salamah, Fathi Hammad, Fathi Shiqaqi, George Habash, Izzat Risheq, Khaled Mash’al, Lyla Khaled, Maher Salah, Mahmoud Zahhar, Muhammad Nazzal, Muhammad Deif, Muhannad Halabi, Usama Hamdan, Rawhi Mushtaha, Saleh Arouri, Ismail Haniyyeh, Yahya Ayyash, Yahya Sinwar, Ziyad Nikhalah, Abdel Aziz Oudeh, Abul Abbas, Khairi Hafez Othman Mustafa Agha, Ahmad Harb Al Kurd, Imad Al Alami, Kozo Okamoto, Muhammad Ridha Muhammad Anwar Awwad, Musa Abu Marzouq, and Muhammad Hisham Abu Ghazaleh.

It also included charity associations, which provide aid for Palestinian refugees.

Facebook has increased its censorship of Palestinian content. Human Rights Watch recently urged Facebook to commission an “independent investigation into content moderation regarding Israel and Palestine, particularly in relation to any bias or discrimination in its policies, enforcement, or systems”.

Also, a testimony by a whistleblower, who used to work in the company, stressed that it promotes and profits from hate speech.

(Source / 14.10.2021)

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