Israeli media: Soldiers sexually assaulted detainee twice during arrest

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli Ynet News reported on Wednesday that Israeli soldiers had sexually and physically assaulted a Palestinian man during his arrest last month.

According to the Israeli newspaper, last month, Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestinian citizen and kept beating him up and sexually assaulting him all along the way to an Israeli military base.

When they reached the military base, the soldiers sexually assaulted the man again. They pointed their rifles at the bottom of the detainee, according to the Israeli newspaper.

Ten soldiers were held, however, six of them were released shortly thereafter.

The detainee told a doctor, whom he visited during detention, that he was assaulted. Marks of the assaults were detected across the body of the detainee.

Human rights watchdogs on several occasions revealed similar cases. Testimonies by dozens of detainees, including children, document Israeli sexual and physical assaults.

(Source / 14.10.2021)

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