Resistance factions: Detainees’ freedom is near

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Resistance factions on Tuesday said that the freedom of detainees in Israeli jails is a top priority for the resistance and that it will not forget their suffering and pains. They added that the freedom of detainees is near.

“We remind the occupiers that your soldiers are still in the hands of the resistance and they will not see the light of the day until our detainees are freed”, the factions said in a joint statement.

The statement also noted that the occupation state continues to violate international law and commit crimes with impunity.

“We warn the enemy of the continuation of its crimes in Jerusalem and Al Aqsa”, the statement warned. “The holy city and Al Aqsa mosque are part of our religion and we will never give them up.”

(Source / 13.10.2021)

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