Israeli police detain, assault Palestinians in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Several Palestinian young men were detained and injured on Monday night when Israeli police forces attacked them in the Bab al-Amud area in the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem.

Over 10 young men, including journalists, suffered injuries when police forces savagely attacked them in Bab al-Amud.

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The police forces also forcibly evacuated the area and rounded up a number of young men after assaulting them.

Meanwhile, a police truck fired its skunk water cannon at Jerusalemite citizens and stores in the vicinity of Bab al-Amud. Several businesses closed their doors as a result of the attack.

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Policemen also prevented ambulance crews from entering Bab al-Amud and helping wounded young men and assaulted two paramedics identified as Yazan Sallal and Malek Qirsh in the area.

Soon later, the police intensified the presence of its forces in the nearby street of Sultan Suleiman, where they also embarked on assaulting and chasing Palestinian young men.

(Source / 12.10.2021)

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