Calls for crowd following Israeli decision allowing settlers’ prayers at Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Palestinians have called for flocking to Al Aqsa mosque in order to confront settlers following an Israeli court decision allowing Jewish settlers to perform ‘silent prayers’ at the holy mosque.

An Israeli court had on Wednesday ruled to allow setters’ prayers at the holy mosque. Justice Bilha Yahalom of Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court said Jewish prayer at the Islamic holy site could not be considered a “criminal act” if it remained silent, as it would not violate police instructions.

The ruling came after a case was brought forward by Rabbi Aryeh Lippo contesting a ban imposed by the police on his visits and prayers at the compound.

The judge ordered Lippo be allowed to return to his prayer at the site in the eastern part of occupied Jerusalem.

Islamic organizations and committees rejected the decision and described it as another deliberate provocation to the feeling of Muslims around the world.

They added that the Israeli court has no jurisdiction, as it works in the eastern part of Jerusalem, which is under illegal occupation according to the international law.

They also added that no one but Muslims will perform prayers in Al Aqsa mosque.

(Source / 08.10.2021)

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