New detainees’ testimonies on Israeli torture revealed

Ramallah (QNN)- The Commission for Detainees and Former Detainees has revealed new testimonies of three detainees, who said that they were tortured when they got arrested.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the commission said that Israeli authorities practice different forms of torture against Palestinians as soon as they arrest them.

According to the testimonies, Israeli soldiers surround the houses of those targeted, then they break doors and break into the houses in a brutal way. They also commit vandalism before arresting Palestinians.

Usually, Israeli soldiers beat, slap, and kick detainees during the arrests and use plastic handcuffs. They also beat them with rifles. The assaults continue until reaching interrogation centers.

The commission said that the detainee Ahmad Abu Orrah from the village of Aqaba in Tubas, got fractures in his ribs due to the Israeli savage assaults. Israeli soldiers attacked him in his house and started to beat him and during his interrogation, it has been noticed that he had difficulty in speaking and breathing. After taking him to a hospital, it turned out that he had fractures in his ribs. The Israelis only gave him painkillers without providing any medication.

Muhammad Musa, from the village of Ni’lin in Ramallah, was beaten, dragged, and stepped on during his arrest, as it was midnight and he was asleep. The soldiers did not allow him to put n his shoes. He was taken to a military camp in Aboud, where he was kept blindfolded and handcuffed. Israeli soldiers assaulted him and refused to give him water or to let him use a toilet.

In the same context, Muhannad Abu Malash, from Yatta near occupied Hebron, was brutally beaten along with his family members. His family was also insulted and their house was vandalized.

(Source / 07.10.2021)

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