‘Israel’ verbally notifies demolition of houses in Hebron

Occupied Hebron (QNN)-The Israeli army on Monday verbally notified the demolition of houses and structures owned by Palestinian citizens in the villages of Masafer Yatta and Birin in occupied Hebron.

The coordinator for the resistance committees in Masafer Yatta, Fu’ad Omour, said Israeli forces raided the villages of Birin, Fakhit, and Khillat Al Dabe’ and took pictures of three tents, a fabricated house, a house, agricultural rooms, and two caravans owned by the families of Hamamdeh and Omour and said they will demolish them.

They also tool pictures f the road between Khillet Al DAbe’ and Masafer Yatta, which has been recently constructed, in addition to three water wells in preparation for removing them.

(Source / 05.10.2021)

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