Sources: Palestinian inmates to launch protest measures in response to IOF repression

Palestinian Prisoners

Palestinian Prisoners

Gaza post

Hundreds of Palestinian political detainees in Israeli jails are set to launch a series of protests in response to the Israel Prison Service’s continuous repression of them, according to the Palestinian Authority’s Detainees Affairs Commission.

The Commission said in a statement that the prisoners will take action in protest of the recent crackdown on many of them following the jailbreak of six Palestinian freedom fighters from Gilboa Prison last month, who were ultimately recaptured.

Solitary confinement, torture, numerous interrogations, and denial of access to vital services are among the Israeli harsh techniques against the inmates, according to the Commission.

“To avenge the inmates, the Israeli occupation authorities use a system of arbitrary procedures and laws. The Israel Prison Service has been given [official Israeli] permission to deal with the convicts as it deems fit, according to the statement.

The Commission asked all local and international bodies and organizations, particularly the International Committee of the Red Cross, to intervene immediately to visit solitary confinement prisoners and to work tirelessly to protect them and defend their rights in all forums.

(Source / 03.10.2021)

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