IOF arrests 11 Palestinians, including three brothers in West Bank

Palestinian Prisoners
Palestinian Prisoners

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Israeli occupation forces detained at least 11 Palestinians, including three brothers, during searches in the occupied West Bank provinces of Ramallah and Nablus on Sunday according to Palestinian security sources.

After storming and examining their family’s home in Nablus region, an Israeli occupation forces detachment stormed Al-Quds Street in the south of the city and imprisoned three brothers, Ibrahim, Alaa, and Khalil Abu Awad.

After assaulting a Palestinian citizen’s home, an undercover Israeli occupation squad snuck into the city’s Balata refugee camp and seized him.

The Israeli occupation force apprehended three Palestinians in Ramallah region after invading and examining their homes in Al-Bireh.

The troops also invaded the nearby villages of Kobar, Kafr Ein, and Ni’lin, detaining four Palestinians. The four inmates are all in their early twenties.

Israeli occupation forces raid towns and villages in the occupied West Bank almost every day, usually at night, to make arrests or summon citizens for questioning. For decades, this has been a feature of life under the Israeli military dictatorship.

(Source / 03.10.2021)

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