Graffiti in 1948-occupied Umm Al Fahm angers ‘Israel’

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli settlers and media started an incitement campaign against Palestinians in 1948-occupied territories after drawing graffiti, showing faces of young men killed by Israeli forces in Al Aqsa mosque back in 2017.

Israeli Kan channel said that three faces in the graffiti are for young men, who were accused of carrying out stabbing attacks in the old city in occupied Jerusalem.

What also pissed off settlers was a sentence under the graffiti, which reads: “a future smile would be nicer”, which was originally written by Muhammad Jabbarin on his Facebook account only a few hours before he got murdered.

Former member of the Israeli Knesset, Shakib Shinan, said when he knew about the graffiti he made a phone call with the Israeli Prime Minister and told him that “it doesn’t make sense that we lose control in our country”.

He also called on the Israeli police and Minster of interior security to demolish the wall, on which the graffiti was drawn.

The wall on which the graffiti has been drawn is a part of a house owned by a Palestinian family.

(Source / 03.10.2021)

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