Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli forces during raid in Jenin

Jenin (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces shot dead a Palestinian youth during a raid in Burqin village in Jenin in the occupied West Bank in the predawn hours of Thursday morning.

22-year-old Alaa’ Zyoud, a resident of the village of Silat al-Harithiya, shot dead by the Israeli forces after raiding the Burqin village pre-dawn today.

Local sources said that a large number of Israeli forces surrounded a house in al-Matalla area, located between two villages, while undercover forces shot Zyoud in the vicinity of the house at a point blank, injuring two others.

Local sources also said that the forces prevented the paramedics from providing medical treatment to Zyoud until they made sure that he died.

Zyoud is a friend of the Palestinian Osama Soboh, who was also shot dead by the Israeli forces earlier this week along with another during a raid in Burqin village, and 3 others in the Biddu village in Jerusalem in the same day.

(Source / 30.09.2021)

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