Video| Israeli police prevent bus of worshipers from visiting Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli police on Tuesday prevented a bus of worshipers, coming from Umm Al Fahm in the 1948-occupied territories, from visiting Al Aqsa mosque claiming that they will cause “incitement and unrest”.

Video footage, taken by some of the worshipers, shows Israeli policemen blocking the bus and searching worshipers.

Worshipers said that “the police prevented us from visiting Al Aqsa mosque to perform Fajr prayer.”

Also, activists added that the Israeli police arrested Muhammad Taher Jabbarin from Umm Al Fahm and Muhammad Isteiti from occupied Acre while they were on the way to perform Fajr prayer this morning.

The Israeli police and border guards blocked several busses, which were heading towards the holy mosque.

Activists had called for increasing the visits to the holy mosque in order to protect it from settlers, whose raids have recently sharply increased under the protection of Israeli forces.

(Source / 28.09.2021)

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