IOF Spokesperson: We expect Hamas to retaliate to killing of 4 Palestinian fighters

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli Occupation Forces Spokesperson Ran Kochav said that the military expects Hamas movement may retaliate to the killing and arrests of the four Palestinian freedom fighters with rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

“When it comes to Hamas we always expect rocket fire. I think it’s a possibility this time as well because the gunman killed were Hamas operatives.”

Israeli occupation forces shot dead four Palestinian freedom fighters during raids in the occupied West Bank in the predawn hours of Sunday morning.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad said that at least one of the martyrs was a member of the group while the three others were said to be members of Hamas.

The IOF and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett claimed that a Hamas cell was planning to carry out attacks imminently.

The Islamic resistance movement of Hamas condemned the Israeli forces killing of the four fighters, calling to escalate the resistance against the occupation.

“We mourn the martyrs who were killed during clashes with the occupation forces in Jenin and Jerusalem, and we stress that the blood of all the martyrs will not be spilled in vain,” Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif al-Qanou said, shortly after the killing.

Al-Qanou added that the “blood of the martyrs today will continue to fuel the continuation of our people’s revolution against the occupation and a renewed determination to uproot and sweep it from our land.”

“The death of the martyrs is a product of the ongoing security coordination with the Zionist occupation and the price of normalization meetings held by PA leaders with Zionist Israeli officials in Ramallah in recent days, which encouraged the occupation to again hunt and kill the young revolutionaries,” Al-Qanou stated.

(Source / 26.09.2021)

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