Diliani: Re-arrest of Gilboa political prisoners spotlights their heroism

Diliani: Re-arrest of Gilboa political prisoners spotlights their heroism
Dimitri Diliani

Gaza post – Spokesman of the Democratic Reformist Faction within Fatah movement, Dimitri Diliani, said on Sunday in a press statement that the re-arrest of the six political prisoners who snatched their freedom despite Israeli occupation authorities, spotlights their heroism.

The re-arrest that came two weeks of freedom from illegal Israeli imprisonment increases the public’s notion of their heroism and raises the morale of the Palestinian people, especially the thousands of political prisoners illegally imprisoned in Israel detention centers, he added.
Diliani also said that: “The six revolutionaries, with their simple tools, courage and determination, were able to defeat the technological advanced security systems claimed by Israeli occupation. Furthermore, Diliani assured that the six heroes succeeded in prioritizing the political prisoners’ issue to the forefront of the Palestinian popular movement’s activities”.

Diliani wished that the popular movement keeps its momentum in supporting political prisoners’ cause in order to impose it on the domestic, regional and international political agendas that so far have failed to achieve freedom for those who gave up years their lives to our justice national cause.
Diliani condemned the brutality, repression and retaliatory tightening measures carried out by the Israeli prison authority against our political prisoners in clear violation of international laws, which increased after the success of “Operation Freedom Tunnel”, stressing that these crimes will end in defeat before the will and steadfastness of our political prisoners in Israeli illegitimate jails and detention centers.

(Source / 19.09.2021)

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