Mahmoud Arida reveals how he dug Gilboa tunnel

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Mahmoud Al Arida, the leader of Gilboa prison break, revealed through his lawyer further information about how he dug the tunnel.

According to Raslan Mahajneh, Al Arida’s lawyer, Mahmud dug the beginning of the tunnel, which required cutting steel bars. He used a screw, which he found, to cut the steel bars.

“He had a piece of steel, which he took from a cabinet. He used it to cut the covering of the sewer. After that, they started digging using tools that they had. Munadel Infe’at did most of the digging. Muhammad Al Arida, Ya’qoub Qadiri, and Ayham Kamamji took part in the digging”, Mahajneh said.

“They found construction materials including steel bars, tools, and ropes, which were left behind during the construction of the prison. That helped them in the digging of the tunnel.”

(Source / 18.09.2021)

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