Judaization scheme targeting historic mosque in Haifa

Days of Palestine – Haifa – The Committee in charge of endowments in Haifa has been facing for many years to confront the colonial plans of the Israeli occupation to control the Palestinian presence, especially the archaeological and religious sites.

The Committee revealed the intention of private companies to implement a dangerous scheme approved in 1985, which threatens the historic White Mosque in Haifa.

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They said that the companies will erect a building on its land and adjacent to it, which consists of 27 floors for housing, hotels, trade, and offices, in addition to building 258 housing units entitled “Museum Architecture.”

It is noteworthy that the land on which the mosque is built is endowment land, and the plan states that the land around the mosque will be transferred to the state, and the project will be built on it.

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The Committee objected to the planning because of its fear of the impact of any building next to the mosque and any construction work under and above the ground on the small White Mosque due to its sensitivity and historical and architectural importance.

The Committee also called for coordinating planning with officials and ensuring that the mosque and its foundations are not harmed.

It is noteworthy that the Committee organized a vigil in front of the Haifa municipality last week, calling for the plan to be removed from the table.

(Source / 16.09.2021)

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