Israeli forces restrict Jerusalemites under the pretext of holidays

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Israeli occupation forces restricted Jerusalemites and closed several roads in Jerusalem under the pretext of the Jewish holidays.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli occupation forces set up concrete and iron barriers at the intersection of the road leading to Street No. 1, closed the Beit Hanina Bridge area, prevented the movement of people to and from Jerusalem, and restricted their direction entirely.

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They added that many markets in the Old City of Jerusalem were closed, as is the case in the Qattanin Market, in which merchants were forced to close their shops entirely for the same reason.

In the same context, clashes erupted last night between the youths and the Israeli occupation forces in the Silwan neighborhood and Bab Hatta area.

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Silwan also witnessed violent confrontations with the occupation forces, spreading extensively in the town, especially the Bir Ayoub neighborhood.

(Source / 16.09.2021)

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