WAFA: Father Of Cancer-Stricken Child Among 23 Detained By Israel Across West Bank

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (WAFA) – Israeli forces today detained at least 23 Palestinians, including a father of a cancer-stricken child, from various parts of the occupied territories, according to Palestinian security sources.

They said that Israeli forces rounded up nine Palestinians from the southern West Bank district of Hebron.

One of the nine detainees was identified as 37-year-old father-of-four, Hijazi Qawasmeh, whose eldest son, Ahmad, 11, suffers from cancer.

An image went viral on social media showing Hijazi bidding farewell to his cancer-stricken son as heavily-armed Israeli soldiers raided his house in the middle of the night in Hebron and took him away to prison.

The soldiers also broke into and ransacked Hijazi’s store in al-Eizariya town, east of Jerusalem.

Six others out of the nine detainees were identified as residents of Dura and Deir Samet towns as well as Kureisa, Beit al-Rush al-Fauqa and Deir al-Asal al-Fauqa, west and southwest of Hebron. They included a father and his son.

The two others of the nine detainees included a 36-year-old former prisoner Sair town, northeast of Hebron.

In Bethlehem district, the sources confirmed an Israeli military raid in Harmala village, east of Bethlehem city, resulting in the detention of one person.

In Jerusalem, Israeli police brutally assaulted and rounded up two others from the vicinity of Bab Hutta, which leads to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

In Ramallah and al-Bireh district, Israeli military vehicles stormed al-Bireh city, where soldiers arrested three people after searching and ransacking their homes.

The soldiers stole a large amount of money from the house of one of the detainees.

In a similar raid in Kafr Ein village, northwest of Ramallah, soldiers detained one person.

Also in Ramallah district, soldiers last night raided Nilin village, west of Ramallah city, where they detained two youngsters aged 14 and 16 from their plot of land.

In Salfit district, a military force stormed Kifl Haris town, north of Salfit city, where they rounded up three before releasing them several hours afterward.

One of the detainees was identified as a lawyer, who was beaten and subsequently rushed to a hospital.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian was detained while inside Israel. He was identified as a resident of al-Jalamaa town, north of Jenin city.

This came as Israeli forces carried out a large-scale search campaign, breaking into the houses and interrogating the residents of Yabad town and al-Jalama village, west and north of the city, as part of the ongoing massive manhunt for two prison escapees who remain at large.

Also in the same district, Israeli soldiers last night detained another Palestinian from the vicinity of Salem checkpoint, west of the city.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Undercover Israeli Soldiers Kidnap A Palestinian In Tulkarem

Undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrated, Tuesday, into Nablus Street, in the eastern area of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, before kidnapping a young Palestinian man from his shop.

Eyewitnesses said the undercover soldiers were driving a van carrying Palestinian license plates, before they stormed a car repair center, owned by Ashraf at-Tirawi, 28, and kidnapped him.

They added that the soldiers forced the Palestinians into their car before speeding away.

The undercover soldiers handed the Palestinian to a regular army unit just outside of the city, before he was taken to an unknown destination.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Army Abducts Three Palestinians In Salfit

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, three Palestinians and injured one of them, in Kifl Hares town, north of Salfit In central West Bank. The three young men were released a few hours later.

Media sources said several army jeeps invaded the town, before the soldiers stormed and ransacked many homes, and abducted three young men, identified as Amir Nasser Shaqqour, Soheib Khaled Shaqqour, and Abdul-Qader Zayed Shaqqour.

They added that the soldiers took the three Palestinians to a military base where they detained them for several hours, and released them in the morning.

During the invasions and violent searches of homes, the soldiers assaulted and injured a lawyer, identified as Abdul-Qader Zayed Shaqqour, who was among the three detained Palestinians, causing various injuries, especially to the head.

After his release, the Palestinian medics rushed Abdul-Qader to Yasser Arafat hospital, in Salfit.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Two Hours After His Release, Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian From Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday evening, a young Palestinian man from his home in the al-Isawiya town, in occupied Jerusalem, just two hours after his release from prison after spending more than 6 years in captivity.

Eyewitnesses in al-Isawiya stated that the soldiers invaded the home of Amer Obeid, after surrounding the entire area, and abducted him before moving him to an interrogation facility in Jerusalem.

They added that the abducted Palestinian served of prison sentenced of 6.5 years, before he was released and went home, however, just a few hours later, the soldiers invaded the property and abducted him, and his father.

It is worth mentioning that, on Tuesday morning, the soldiers invaded Obeid’s home, searched the property, and confiscated posters in and around the property, welcoming Amer back home.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Soldiers Injure 30 Palestinian School Children Near Tubas

Israeli soldiers injured, Tuesday, several Palestinian schoolchildren after several army jeeps invaded Tayasir village, east of Tubas, in northeastern West Bank.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has confirmed that its medics provided treatment to 30 schoolchildren, who suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, before moving them to a clinic in the village.

The WAFA Palestinian News Agency stated that the incident took place after several Israeli army jeeps invaded the village, and headed towards the local government-run Secondary Boys School and surrounded it.

They added that the soldiers fired many gas bombs into the school and its surrounding area, causing at least thirty children to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians, Including Schoolchildren, Abduct A Child, in Hebron

Israeli soldiers injured, Tuesday, dozens of Palestinians, including schoolchildren, and abducted one child, in Hebron city and the nearby Sa’ir town, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources in Hebron city said the soldiers attacked many schoolchildren at the Abu ar-Reesh military roadblock to the west of the Ibrahimi Mosque, leading to protests.

They added that the soldiers fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at the schoolchildren, causing dozens to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

In addition, the soldiers attacked dozens of nonviolent protesters, who marched in solidarity with the detainees in Israeli prisons, in Sa’ir town, northeast of Hebron.

The Palestinians were carrying Palestinian flags, posters of the detainees, and chanted for the liberation of Palestine and the release of all political prisoners.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers fired many rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades at the protesters near bypass road #60, west of Sa’ir.

Medical sources said the soldiers shot two Palestinians with gas bombs, and two with rubber-coated steel bullets, in addition to causing dozens to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted a child, identified as Ghada Kamel Kawazba, 15, and took her to a nearby military base.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Six Palestinian Detainees Continue Hunger Strike

The Palestinian Detainees Committee has reported that six detainees in Israeli prisons are ongoing with hunger strikes demanding an end to their arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, despite their seriously deteriorating health conditions.

The Committee stated that, with each passing day, the detainees face further complications, but are determined to continue the strike.

It added that the Israeli prison authority is not only ignoring their demands, but also constantly placing them in solitary confinement cells, and repeatedly transfers them between various facilities, to prevent them from resting and to pressure them into ending the strike without listening to their demands.

The committee also stated that even the lawyers representing the detainees are facing numerous obstacles in trying to visit with the detainees, forcing them to file appeals with Israeli courts  just to be able to meet the detainees and talk to them.

The hunger-striking detainees are constantly monitored by surveillance cameras, and some of them were briefly sent to hospitals after more than 40 days of hunger strike.

Israel is trying to force the detainees to accept “offers” that include extended administrative detention orders, but the detainees constantly reject these attempts to oblige them to end their strikes, especially since they are not facing any charges.

The Committee stated that three detainees, Kayed al-Fasfous and Miqdad al-Qawasma, from Hebron in southern West Bank, and Ala’ al-A’raj, from Tulkarem in northern West Bank, are held at the Ramla prison clinic, which lacks physicians and basic medical supplies.

It said that al-Fasfous, 32, started the strike 62 days ago and that his health condition is deteriorating, especially constant sharp pain in the legs, kidneys, and abdomen, after he lost 30 kilograms of his body weight, and is threatening to stop drinking water if no serious resolution is reached.

Also, Miqdad al-Qawasma, 24, started the strike 55 days ago and is facing serious complications, headache, pain in the abdomen and kidneys area, serious weight loss, in addition to severe pain in the joints, forcing him to use a wheelchair due to serious risks of falling in addition to balance issues.

Furthermore, detainee Ala’ al-A’raj, 34, from Anabta near Tulkarem, started the strike 37 days ago, and is facing sharp pain in the chest and abdomen, in addition to spasms and weakness in the muscles; he also needs a wheelchair whenever he has to leave his bed.

The three other detainees are Hisham Abu Hawwash, from Doura, who started the strike 29 days ago, Rayeq Bisharat, from Tammoun near Tubas, who started the strike 24 days ago, and Shadi Abu Aker, 37, from Aida refugee camp, in Bethlehem, started the strike 21 days ago.

The Detainees’ Committee held Israel responsible for their lives and demanded various international organizations, including the International Red Cross, to intervene and perform their duties, in addition to acting on ending the illegal Israeli arbitrary Administrative Detention policies.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Israeli Colonizers Attack Palestinian Homes in Hebron

Many illegal Israeli colonizers attacked, late on Tuesday night, several Palestinian homes in Jaber neighborhood, near the Ibrahimi Mosque, in Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Aref Jaber stated that the colonizers invaded the neighborhood while firing live rounds in the air, before storming homes.

“They attacked our neighborhood while firing live rounds,”  Aref said, and then the soldiers came and invaded my home instead of removing the colonizers who attacked us.”

Local sources said more colonizers were seen gathering in the area, and sounds of additional live fire could be heard before they stormed a few homes in the area.

There have been no reports of injuries or arrests at the time of this report.

It is worth mentioning that the attack is part of constant violations by the colonizers and the soldiers against the Palestinians in Hebron, especially in the center of the city.

A week ago, a group of fanatic colonizers attacked many parked Palestinian cars in the Old City of Hebron in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, causing damage, in addition to attacking several homes.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Attorney Mahajna Meets Mahmoud Al-‘Arda, Listens To Horrific Details Of Torture

Attorney Raslan Mahajna of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) managed to meet with detainee Mahmoud al-‘Arda, one of the Palestinian political prisoners who managed to escape from Gilboa’ Israeli prison, before he was captured by the Israeli army, who informed him of horrific details of torture and abuse, including continuous interrogation and deprivation of sleep and food.

The lawyer stated that Mahmoud has been under continuous interrogation, torture, and abuse, including denying him the right to sleep or eat.

Mahmoud told the lawyer that, since the day of his capture more than five days ago, he remained deprived of even seeing the sunshine, and could barely sleep for a couple of hours at the time, due to continuous interrogation, torture, and bad conditions in the cell.

Al-‘Arda stated that he was the one responsible for the escape, including the planning which started in December 2020, and added that they did not receive any help from anyone in the prison or on the outside.

“We all walked together until we reached an-Na’ura village, and entered a mosque to rest before we decided to leave in various directions, each group only containing two of us, he said, “We tried to enter the West Bank but could not do so due to extensive Israeli military presence. Our capture was merely accidental, nobody informed on us, and after our capture, we were interrogated for more than seven hours, each day.”

Mahajna stated that, during his five days on the run, Mahmoud was unable to even get some water to drink, and that he, for the first time since he was first taken prisoner 22 years ago, was able to eat cactus from a field, and how much this meant to him.

Zakariya Zobeidi

He added that the Israeli soldiers and the police who were searching for him and the other escaped detainees came close to capturing them all, and eventually managed to locate him and Zakariyya Zobeidi when the police started looking under a truck during a routine inspection.

During his meeting with the lawyer, Mahmoud said that he rejects all charges against him, and remains silent despite the torture and the solitary confinement.

The lawyer quoted Mahmoud stating; “After we managed to escape, Zakariyya and I remained together, and we were unable to even find some water to drink for five days, and for the first time since I was taken prisoner 22 years ago, I was able to eat cactus from a field.”

Mahmoud also stated that he was repeatedly assaulted by the Israeli soldiers who located them, and added that he was stripped of all his clothes for several hours before he was sent to the al-Jalama interrogation facility where he was subject to intense interrogation, including torture, sleep deprivation, and was not given food or water for several days.

He added that Israeli soldiers of the Prison Service also repeatedly assaulted and beaten Zakariya Zobeidi before he was later moved to a hospital.

Al-‘Arda also said that he and the other escaped detainees tried their best not to enter Palestinian cities in historic Palestine to avoid giving Israel the opportunity to punish the Palestinians or harm them.

It is worth mentioning that the lawyer visited with Mahmoud in a room where they were separated by a fortified glass barrier, and said that the detainee was exhausted, and in pain, due to the constant interrogation and torture he was subjected to.

One of the last things Mahmoud told his lawyer before the meeting was concluded was that the short period he was free after escaping from prison was the first time in his life that he was able to walk around and see historic Palestine, and added that he intends to write about the experience when possible.

Mahajna added that Mahmoud asked him whether their escape reached the media and its news spread around the world, and when he confirmed these facts to him, the detainee expressed satisfaction that their cause became international, and raised awareness on the hardships and the suffering of the detainees, and thanked everyone around the world for their solidarity.

Mahmoud also told the lawyer that he was touched and happy to see the large crowds of Palestinians who gathered in front of the court in Nazareth and chanted for him, and thanked everybody for their solidarity.

It is worth mentioning that the International Red Cross stated that it is conducting all needed efforts to be able to visit with the captured detainees.

Yahia Maswada, the spokesperson of the International Red Cross in Palestine, said the Red Cross understands the anxiety and the worry of the families of the recaptured detainees, and that it is doing all whatever it can to visit with the four detainees, including Zakariyya Zobeidi, especially amidst news about his injuries and torture.

Maswada added that Israel hasn’t yet allowed anybody, including lawyers, to visit with Zobeidi, and affirmed that international Humanitarian Law forbids inhumane treatment against the detainees, including torture.

(Source / 15.09.2021)

Hebron; Palestinian Forced To Sleep On The Street, After Soldiers Denied His Access To Home

A Palestinian man, identified as Mofeed Sharabati, 55, said that Israeli soldiers refused to allow him to reach his home in the surrounded and isolated Shuhada Street, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and added that he has to sleep on the side of the road.

Sharabati lives in the Shuhada Street area in the center of Hebron city, where Israeli soldiers are always deployed and have a permanent military roadblock.

He said that the soldiers stopped him at the roadblock, and refused to allow him through, and added that after several hours of holding him and many other Palestinians at the roadblock, the soldiers allowed everybody through except him.

“The neighbors came out and gave me a mattress, bedsheet, and covers so that I can rest after the soldiers informed me that I will not be allowed to go home,” Sharabati stated, “So, here I am sleeping on the sidewalk next to the military roadblock, so close to my home but not allowed to reach it.”

Many Palestinians from the area decided to bring mattresses and sleep next to Sharabati on the sidewalk in solidarity with him and in condemnation of the ongoing Israeli violations.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, and installed additional military roadblocks to prevent the Palestinians from moving around during the Jewish holidays.

In addition, many illegal Israeli colonizers attacked, late on Tuesday night, several Palestinian homes in Jaber neighborhood, near the Ibrahimi Mosque, in Hebron city.

In related news, the soldiers abducted on Tuesday at night a university student, identified as Ja’far Aziz Kayed, from his home in Ramallah, in central West Bank.

His family said their son is still recovering from a surgery he underwent four days ago, and added that he is a student at Birzeit Univerity.

(Source / 15.09.2021)