Hamas: Israel’s extension of Sheikh Raed Salah isolation politically motivated

Palestinian resistance icon Sheikh Raed Salah gathers with supporters after an Israeli court sentenced him to 28 months in prison in the northern city of Haifa, on 10 February 2020. [Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency]
Palestinian resistance icon Sheikh Raed Salah gathers with supporters after an Israeli court sentenced him to 28 months in prison in the northern city of Haifa, on 10 February 2020

The Israeli court’s decision to extend the solitary confinement of the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel Sheikh, Raed Salah, is “a political decision”, a senior Hamas official said yesterday.

“Extending the isolation of Sheikh Raed Salah in prison is a political decision that comes from the highest political and security authorities in the occupying state [Israel], with the aim of increasing pressure on the Sheikh over his firm positions in defence of our people inside the occupied land in 1948,” Husam Badran wrote on Twitter.

Badran added that the decision comes within a methodology based on removing national leaders from the popular scene.

Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people will not affect their steadfastness or lead them to compromise until their goals of liberation and return are achieved, he continued.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israeli authorities extended the solitary confinement of Sheikh Salah until the end of his sentence, following a request submitted by the prosecution, without further details.

In February 2020, the Israeli Magistrate Court in Haifa sentenced Sheikh Salah to 28 months in prison on charge of “inciting violence and terrorism”.

Since serving his sentence on August 16, 2020, Sheikh Salah has been in solitary confinement.

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(Source / 19.08.2021)

Israel extends solitary confinement of Sheikh Raed Salah

A group of Tunisians hold placards as they gather to stage a protest against Israeli court's decision on sentencing Raed Salah to 28 months in prison, in front of the Municipal Theater in Tunis, Tunisia on 21 February 2020. [Yassine Gaidi - Anadolu Agency]
A group of Tunisians hold placards as they gather to stage a protest against Israeli court’s decision on sentencing Raed Salah to 28 months in prison, in front of the Municipal Theater in Tunis, Tunisia on 21 February 2020

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday extended the solitary confinement of Sheikh Raed Salah to the end of his prison sentence, Arab48 reported.

Last Sunday, the Israeli Prison Services sent a request to the Israeli District Court in Beer Sheva, asking for the extension of Salah’s solitary confinement, his lawyer Khaled Zabarka said.

The High Follow-Up Committee (HFC) for Arabs in Israel has called on the prison authority to stop “abusing Sheikh Salah.”

“Salah’s isolation is a political revenge, which was not stipulated in the ruling against him,” the HFC statement read. “Salah has been in solitary confinement since December,” it added.

The HFC warned that his isolation could have “negative consequences on his health,” adding that it held the Israeli authorities responsible for his “deteriorating health condition.”

Last month, the Freedoms Committee at the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate said it was planning on taking “a series of steps against the activities practiced by the Israel Prison Service against Salah,” calling for “removing Salah from the solitary confinement” and to “end the policy of restricting him.”

Salah was detained by Israeli forces in August 2017 and indicted for incitement following his criticism of the erection of metal detectors at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

He was sentenced to 28 months in prison by an Israeli court. He served 11 months, half of which was spent in solitary confinement, before he was moved to house arrest.

After two years under house arrest, in August 2020 Salah began a 17-month jail term on incitement charges.

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Israeli Soldiers Abduct Nine Palestinians In West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted, Thursday, at least nine Palestinians from several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has confirmed.

The PPS office in Jenin, in northern West Bank, said the soldiers abducted a young man, identified as Ibrahim Ammar after stopping him near the al-Jalama military roadblock, north of the city. Ammar is from Mothallath ash-Shuhada village, south of Jenin.

It added that the soldiers also abducted a child, identified as Abboud Mansour Zmero, 16, from Jenin refugee camp, after stopping him near the al-Jalama roadblock, in addition to Ramah Radi Khaddour, 17, from Aneen town, west of Jenin, after stopping him on Palestinians lands near the illegal Annexation Wall.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted Ahmad Ghaleb Droubi from his home in Shoufa village, southeast of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, after several army vehicles invaded the village and fired gas bombs.

Also in Tulkarem, the soldiers abducted Fadi Mahyoub E’meir, 41, from his home in Bal’a town, east of the city.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, the soldiers abducted Ibrahim Monir al-Amaira, 22, after storming and searching his home in Doura town, south of the city.

The soldiers also installed roadblocks on Hebron’s northern and southern roads, in addition to the entrances of several villages and towns, before stopping and searching dozens of cars, and interrogated the Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

In addition, the soldiers invaded the Deheishe refugee camp, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, searched and ransacked many homes before abducting Ghassan Zawahra, 31.

The soldiers also abducted Issa Abu Ahour, 28, from the al-Khader town, and Mohammad Ghaleb Taqatqa, 24, from Beit Fajjar town, south of Bethlehem, after breaking into their homes and searching them.

During the invasion into Beit Fajjar, the army handed the parents of Walid Taqatqa a military order for interrogation as he was not at home when the soldiers broke into it.

(Source / 19.08.2021)

Army Bulldozes Palestinian Lands Near Nablus

Israeli soldiers bulldozed, Thursday, Palestinian lands near Sbeih Mountain in Beita town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Local sources said the soldiers bulldozed the Palestinian lands in Karem al-Nimir area, near Sbeih mountain, after isolating the entire area.

They added that the soldiers also brought concrete blocks and closed an agricultural road leading to the mountain to prevent the Palestinians from reaching it.

The Palestinians fear that the army intends to illegally annex their lands amidst the ongoing attempts to build illegal colonies.

It is worth mentioning that the Palestinians have been protesting for more than 100 days since illegal Israeli colonizers occupied the top of Sbeih Mountain and installed an outpost on stolen Palestinian lands.

On Friday, June 11th, the soldiers killed a child, identified as Mohammad Sa’id Hamayel, 15, after shooting him with a live round in the heart, and injured more than 110 Palestinians, including 11 who were shot with live rounds, after the army attacked nonviolent protesters in Jabal Sbeih mountain.


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Israeli Soldiers Conduct Training On Palestinian Lands In Northern Plains

Israeli soldiers conducted, Thursday, live-fire military training, for the third consecutive day, on Palestinian lands in several areas in the Northern Plains of the occupied West Bank.

Aref Daraghma, a human rights activist, said the military drills are ongoing in several areas and communities, especially in Wadi al-Maleh, ash-Shaq, and al-Farisiyya.

Daraghma added that the Israeli army is using live fire, in addition to tank and artillery shells in complete disregard to the lives of the Palestinians in the area.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army carried these drills out several times a year, and uses various sorts of ammunition, including shells and explosives in Palestinian farmlands and grazing areas.

The soldiers also frequently invade Palestinian communities to conduct training after displacing entire families.

The military drills include the use of live fire and shells in Bedouin villages and farmlands in the Jordan Valley, in addition to various areas in the occupied West Bank, mainly near Tubas, in central West Bank, Hebron, in the southern part.

Besides the destruction of Palestinian property, these military drills have led to dozens of casualties, including fatalities.

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(Source / 19.08.2021)

Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians, Including Schoolchildren, In Tulkarem

Palestinian medical sources have reported, Thursday, that many Palestinian workers, and schoolchildren, have been injured after Israeli soldiers fired a barrage of gas bombs at workers and two schools near the illegal Annexation Wall, south of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers attacked many laborers while working on lands near the Annexation Wall west of Far’on town, south of Tulkarem.

They added that the soldiers fired a barrage of gas bombs at the workers on lands next to two local schools, causing dozens of Palestinians, including schoolchildren to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The administration of the two schools had to shut them down, and sent the students to their homes to ensure their safety and in fear of additional Israeli violations.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers constantly attack the Palestinians on their lands in areas close to the illegal wall.

(Source / 19.08.2021)

‘Israel’ demolishes shops in West Bank

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- Local sources said an Israeli force demolished a shop in the town of Ya’bad in western Jenin today.

The sources said the Israeli army demolished a shop, owned by Muhammad Atatrah, on the entry to the town of Ya’bad.

they added that the shop is the second of the Atatrahs’, which the Israelis have demolished recently. The Israeli army has demolished a shop and a cafe owned by the Atatrah family.

In the same vein, Israeli forces leveled a land, which has been used as a resort in the town of Halhoul. The Israeli army demolished walls and damaged gardens and fabricated houses in Dhahr El Hawa in northern Hebron.

(Source / 19.08.2021)

Video| 182 Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- 182 Israeli settlers broke into the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied Jerusalem on Thursday.

Under the occupation forces protection, 138 Israeli settlers broke into the courtyard of Al-Aqsa Mosque during the morning break-in session and 44 others during the afternoon break-in session.

The settlers entered through the Damascus Gate- which Palestinians call Bab al-Amoud Gate- provoking the Palestinian worshipers in the mosque courtyards by performing Talmudic prayers.

Israeli occupation authorities allow settler incursions to the mosque since 2003 under the forces protection, despite repeated objections and warnings by the Palestinian religious authorities as the visits provoke worshippers of the mosque.

Israeli forces always attack and assault Palestinian worhipers at the courtyards of the Mosque with sound grenades, rubber bullets and pepper gas.

The forces also station at the gates of the mosque and detain dozens of Palestinian young men and boys, after assaulting them.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam which located in occupied Jerusalem.

(Source / 19.08.2021)

Palestinian workers, students suffocate with tear gas fired by Israeli forces in Tulkarm

Tulkarm (QNN)- Dozens of Palestinian workers and male students suffocated with tear gas canisters fired towards them by Israeli occupation forces in Far’un town in Tulkarm in the occupied West Bank earlier on Thursday.

Local sources said earlier today, the Israeli forces near the apartheid wall fired tear gas canisters towards Palestinian workers resulting in suffocating dozens of workers, citizens and students, who were in their nearby school.

The students had to vacate the school due to the tear gas fired by the forces in the area.

Due to the lack of job opportunities in the West Bank, some Palestinians are forced to look for employment in Israeli-occupied Palestine in order to make a living.

However, entrance into the Israeli-occupied Palestine requires that Palestinians from the West Bank apply for entry permits, which are virtually impossible to obtain.

As a result, Palestinian workers from the West Bank regularly attempt to cross the apartheid Wall without a permit, putting them at risk of being arrested or attacked by Israeli occupation forces.

Since 2002, ‘Israel’ has been constructing a wall that stretches for more than 700 kilometres, annexing Palestinian land inside the occupied West Bank. This wall is known as separation wall or apartheid wall.

(Source / 19.08.2021)

‘Israel’ to continue hold Ahmed Erekat’s deceased body

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli Supreme Court decided on Wednesday to approve the continued hold of Ahmed Erekat’s deceased body by the Israeli occupation forces, a step called by Adalah- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel- as illegal practice.

The Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a petition filed by Adalah on behalf of Mustafa Erekat, against the Israeli force’s continuous hold of the deceased body of his son, Ahmad Erekat.

27-year-old Palestinian Ahmad Erekat was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces at the “Container” checkpoint on 23 June 2020 between Bethlehem and the Erekats’ family home in the town of Abu Dis, outside of occupied East Jerusalem, while on the way to pick up his mother and sister on her wedding day.

Erekat was shot six times – three while on the floor – then denied medical attention while still moving despite posing no threat to the heavily armed Israeli forces.

Israeli authorities falsely claimed Erekat had tried to ram Israeli forces with his car.

The Israeli military, however, decided to hold Erekat’s body.

This condition for holding bodies was explicitly made in an Israeli Security Cabinet’s decision of January 2017 regarding a “uniform policy for the treatment of terrorist bodies”.

After the first hearing on the petition, the Supreme Court issued an order nisi on 22 July 2020, instructing the respondents to explain why they would not hand over Erekat’s body to his family as soon as possible.

In September 2020, the state informed the Court that there was a change in policy and that Palestinian bodies would be held “unrelated to organizational affiliation.”

Following this announcement, Adalah filed an amended petition arguing that the new policy was unconstitutional and contradicted the 2004 position of the Attorney General and prior rulings of the Supreme Court.

Adalah further contended that the new policy should not apply to Erekat since it was made months after his body was held.

At a hearing held on 8 March 2021, Adalah Attorney Sawsan Zaher argued that the new policy was not only disproportionate but also violated international human rights and humanitarian law, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

“Israel’s policy of holding Palestinian bodies – 81 people since 2015 – is inhumane and degrading, and a blatant violation of international law, including the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,” said Adalah.

“The Court’s decision today gives a free hand to the military, without governmental authority, and retroactively approves such an illegal practice. Israel must immediately return the dozens of Palestinian bodies it currently holds.”

“Withholding the body of a deceased individual from his or her family violates the International Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment or Punishment, to which Israel is a State Party.”

Indeed, the United Nations Committee Against Torture called on ‘Israel’ in June 2016 to take all necessary steps to return bodies to families for burial as soon as possible. The Rome Statute prohibits the “taking of hostages”.

(Source / 19.08.2021)