Tayaqqun fact-check reveals Israeli lies regarding arrested woman

Occupied Nablus (QNN)- Tayaqqun fact-check has revealed that the Israeli army lied regarding the arrest of a Palestinian woman near Huwwwarah last night.

The Israeli army arrested a woman last night and published a photo of a knife, claiming that the lady was carrying.

Tayaqqun fact-check revealed that the photo was published by the Israeli army a couple of years ago to prove that a young man, who had been arrested at the time, was planning for a knife attack.

“The Israeli army announced that the picture was of a knife which was with the lady, which clearly and undoubtedly proves that the Israeli narrative is a lie”, Tayaqqun said.

Israeli forces had arrested the lady, whose identity has not been know yet, near Huwwarah military checkpoint last night after they opened fire at her.

(Source / 10.08.2021)

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