Hamas shocked by Saudi rulings against Palestinian detainees

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Hamas Movement today, Monday, commented on the Saudi rulings against the Palestinian detainees that the Saudi judiciary against a large number of our Palestinian and Jordanian brothers residing in the kingdom is shocked. 

In a statement, Hamas said that the Palestinian detainees had not committed anything that necessitates these harsh and unjustified sentences, let alone being put on trial. 

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They have only supported their cause and people, for which they belong, without causing any harm to the kingdom and its people, Hamas added.

Hamas welcomes the Saudi court’s decision to acquit some of our brothers; they added that we deplore the harsh and underserved sentences issued against most of them.

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Hamas called on the Saudi leadership to immediately release them and end their suffering and their families, which has been going on for more than two years. 

(Source / 09.08.2021)

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