Israel court calls on Sheikh Jarrah residents to pay rent to settlers

Israeli forces patrol in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem on June 02, 2021. [Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency]
Israeli forces patrol in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem on 2 June 2021

Israel’s Supreme Court today offered Palestinian residents of the occupied Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood ‘protected residence’ status, saying that if they pay rent to the settler organisation which claims the land on which their homes are built, their properties will not be demolished. The families have rejected the proposition, objecting to Nahalat Shimon’s claims of ownership and subsequent plans for their forcible eviction, Ir Amim reported.

The hearing took place before a panel of three judges – Yitzhak Amit, Noam Sohlberg and Daphne Barak-Erez, who were ruling on a leave to appeal request submitted by the El-Kurd, Jaouni, Abu Hasna, and Askafi families who are facing eviction from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah by the Nahalat Shimon settler company.

Both sides subsequently presented arguments, and the hearing concluded without the handing down of a court ruling. The justices are expected to issue a decision within the coming days concerning the continuation of proceedings. According to one of the attorneys representing the families, an additional hearing on the matter will likely be scheduled. Originally slated for early May, the hearing was deferred until now to allow for the Attorney General to weigh his intervention in the case, which he ultimately declined.

Israel to evict 400 Palestinians from Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]
Israel to evict 400 Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah – Cartoon

The court’s decision, in this case, will likely impact the additional families from the Kerem Al-Jaouni section of Sheikh Jarrah facing eviction lawsuits filed by Nahalat Shimon, including the case of the Dajani, Daoudi, and Hammad families, likewise pending at the Supreme Court.

On 28 July, the attorney representing the three aforementioned families submitted a request to postpone their eviction date set for yesterday.

In response, the Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction, provisionally freezing their eviction and asking the settler group to respond by 8 August. While the three families have likewise filed a leave to appeal request to the Supreme Court, neither a hearing has been scheduled, nor a decision rendered.

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Currently, there are open eviction lawsuits against a total of approximately 50-60 families in Sheikh Jarrah (30 families – Kerem Al-Jaouni section and 20-30 families – Um Haroun section), which are at various stages of legal proceedings.

Many more families are at risk of receiving eviction demands due to land registration procedures the Israeli authorities underhandedly began in occupied East Jerusalem in 2020 for the first time since 1967.

“Without the public’s knowledge, the authorities have been discreetly registering land rights of properties in Um Haroun to alleged Jewish owners. Such a move is unprecedented and has potential acute ramifications on Palestinian properties not only in Sheikh Jarrah but across East Jerusalem,” Israeli rights group Ir Amim said on its website, “which could ultimately lead to widespread Palestinian dispossession in the city and expansion of Jewish settlement.”

(Source / 03.08.2021)

WAFA: “As four Sheikh Jarrah families await critical High Court ruling, Israeli settler opens fire, injures Palestinian”

RAMALLAH, Monday, August 2, 2021 (WAFA) – As four Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem today await a critical ruling from the Israeli High Court regarding their forced eviction from their homes, an Israeli settler opened fire and injured a Palestinian who was taking part in a solidarity event with the afflicted residents, according to local sources.

They said a settler opened fire at the youth during a solidarity event with the Sheikh Jarrah residents lightly injuring him in the foot.

Israeli police closed off the area following the incident.

The four Palestinian families – Kurd, Skafi, Jaouni, and al-Qassem – have appealed to the High Court against their forced eviction from their homes for the benefit of Israeli settler organizations.

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Soldiers Injure Several Palestinians, Abduct Three, Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers shot, on Monday at night, one Palestinian, and caused many to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation, in addition to abducting two, in the al-Yamoun town, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin. The army also abducted a young man at a roadblock south of Jenin

Media sources said several army jeeps invaded the town before the soldiers stormed and searched homes, and abducted Jamil Maher Khamaisa along with his son Mo’taz.

The invasion led to protests before the soldiers fired many rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades.

Medical sources said a young man was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet in the neck and another young man with a gas bomb in the head, and dozens of Palestinians suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted Mohammad Shaher Obeid, from Anza village, south of Jenin, after stopping him at the Dotan military roadblock, near Ya’bad town.

In related news, the soldiers invaded Sielet al-Harithiya town, west of Jenin, and fired gas bombs at Palestinians attending a wedding celebration, causing several injuries.

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Army Abducts Three Palestinians In Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday evening, three Palestinians and assaulted several others in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Local sources said the soldiers invaded and searched several homes before abducting Soheib Siyam, Islam Ghateet, and Gheith Ghosha.

The sources added that the soldiers also assaulted several Palestinians during the invasion into the neighborhood.

In related news, the soldiers shot one Palestinian and caused many to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation, in addition to abducting three, in the al-Yamoun town, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

On Monday at dawn, the soldiers abducted thirteen Palestinians from several parts of the West Bank.

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Israeli Soldiers Seriously Injure A Palestinian Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers seriously injured, Monday, a young Palestinian man near the Annexation Wall, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Media sources said the soldiers opened fire at the Palestinian while he was walking near the Annexation Wall, near Taybeh village, west of Jenin, inflicting life-threatening wounds.

They added that the injured Palestinian in from Umm al-Fahem town in the Haifa District.

After shooting the young man, who holds Israeli citizenship, the soldiers took him to an Israeli hospital.

It is worth mentioning that Umm al-Fahem is only twenty kilometers northwest of Jenin.

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Israel lobby group ADL teams up with PayPal

PayPal is partnering with the Anti-Defamation League, a major Israel lobby group, to investigate how “extremist and hate movements” use financial tools to fundraise.

The partnership with PayPal is being managed through the ADL’s so-called Center on Extremism, which markets itself as “a leading authority on extremism, terrorism and hate.”

This could mean that financial tech giant PayPal is letting the ADL, with its lengthy history of spying on human rights activists, dictate what is and what is not “extremism” with no clear indication that this process will be transparent or accountable.

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And with the lobby group’s wide-ranging efforts to label support for Palestinian rights as a form of anti-Jewish bigotry, this could be yet another way that the private sector can censor and impede anti-racist activists in order to shield Israel.

“Palestinian and Muslim political speech is often smeared as ‘extremist,’ or hateful via the overbroad definition of the anti-Semitism label, and the ADL has been at the helm of some of those efforts,” Diala Shamas, staff attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, told The Electronic Intifada.

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The ADL masquerades as a civil rights group while systematically undermining social justice movements and repeatedly denouncing Black activists for expressing support for the Palestinian liberation struggle.

The group regularly inserts itself into corporate and public school “anti-bias” trainings while mainstreaming anti-Muslim hatred and disparaging Palestinian, Muslim and Arab community organizations.

But the PayPal-ADL relationship is fitting, since both have long been hostile to supporters of Palestinian rights.

PayPal, and its subsidiary Venmo, have a record “of restricting transactions and blocking certain accounts without offering meaningful process to challenge that block,” Shamas said.

“Often, by the time the issue is addressed, it has already been disruptive. The partnership with the ADL is likely to only increase this trend,” she warned.

The information gathered by this partnership “will be shared broadly across the financial industry” as well as with police and lawmakers, the ADL advertises.

While purporting to be an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement, the ADL has long boasted about its close ties with top levels of US law enforcement.

The ADL regularly sends US police leaders on junkets to Israel for training in “intensive counter-terrorism” tactics.

In 2020, more than 100 leading civil rights and social justice groups around the US called on allied organizations to drop partnerships with the ADL.

Shamas said that as a group hostile to advocacy for Palestinian rights and other progressive causes, the ADL “should not be the arbiter of what is ‘hateful’ or ‘extremist’ for a private corporation.”

Palestinian rights advocates, “especially in this moment as they face unprecedented efforts to suppress their voices, are particularly dependent on fundraising through these online payment platforms,” she noted.


The partnership with PayPal aims “to fight extremism and protect marginalized communities,” the ADL insists.

But Emmaia Gelman, a researcher and activist, told The Electronic Intifada that the ADL’s use of progressive terminology is a well-worn rebranding tactic.

“The way they use the language of security and [human] rights is very familiar,” Gelman said.

“They take this language that comes from left and progressive demands for things to be fair, and they turn it into corporate and capital uses,” she said.

“It aligns very well with the ADL to take the language of rights and repurpose it for what they’re trying to do.”

Gelman added that the ADL has been engaging with major Silicon Valley corporations to do “tech justice” work.

“Their Center on Extremism is no longer necessarily researching white supremacists, but entering into these partnerships with big tech companies – those are the spaces where it’s able to animate anti-hate language,” Gelman noted.

Once the ADL “has entered the mesh of that power structure,” Gelman worries, “it’ll be hard to get it out.”

Monitoring who?

The ADL’s partnership with PayPal is just one of several it announced in July.

The lobby group is also teaming up with the Union of Reform Judaism “to launch an anti-Semitism reporting tool that both the ADL and URJ will monitor,” according to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper.

In what looks like another ADL public relations move, the announcement came “amid criticism from the left that the group too freely identifies criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism,” the newspaper added.

The ADL has indeed spent many years working to craft and endorse legislation that would label criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic, especially on college campuses.

The lobby group says it will work with the Union of Reform Judaism and offer resources to tally acts of anti-Jewish bigotry, which could be added to the ADL’s annual “Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents.”

But what it considers “anti-Semitic incidents” could be yet another opportunity to promote its goals.

In a recent report, for example, the lobby group claimed that there was a sharp uptick in acts of anti-Jewish bigotry around the same time that Israel began massacring Palestinians and flattening homes and buildings in Gaza in May.

However, the group has not substantiated many of these claims.

“The ADL counts anonymous complaints about media coverage as anti-Semitic incidents, along with pretty much any unsubstantiated allegation anyone registers, then compiles them, howls about a ‘wave of antisemitism,’ and uses the hype to fundraise,” said Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone.

Notably, the ADL has helped lead a relentless smear campaign against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights.

And it recently praised the Biden administration for sending more US taxpayer money to Israel’s lethal military apparatus.

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Red Cross: 80% of people in Gaza live without electricity

Gaza (QNN)- A new study by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza revealed that 80% of the people in Gaza live with only 10-12 hours of electricity on a daily basis.

The study said that the chronic and prolonged electricity shortages and power cuts are taking a psychological toll on people, with 94% of Gazans surveyed reporting that their mental health is affected by the situation.

The study also noted that the recent Israeli strikes on the besieged enclave left its people with massive shortages of supply. The daily power supply has become only 4-5 hours.

“While some can afford additional electricity supply through generators at least 500,000 people cannot afford additional power, so they are forced to spend most of their day without electricity.”

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Israeli forces arrest three residents of Sheikh Jarrah following court hearing

 Israeli soldiers arresting Suhaib Siyam from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood today

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces on Monday arrested three residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and attacked others after the Supreme court’s hearing ended.

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli forces arrested Suhaib Siyam. They also broke into the house of Ghousheh and arrested Islam Ighteit and Gheith Ghousheh.

An Israeli Supreme Court hearing was organized today in order to reach a final decision regarding the forced expulsions of the neighborhood’s residents.

Israeli Judges pressed residents to accept “protected tenants” status. Meaning they would stay in their homes for a few years, pay $460 annual rent to settler organization that brought the case against them. Residents rejected the Israeli offer.

Talking to Rosie Scammell, Muhammad El-Kurd, an activist, writer, and resident of the neighborhood, said “Why would we be living at the mercy of settlers? We have no protection whatsoever.”

“Why would you pay rent to someone that doesn’t own your house? That’s why we refused the agreement.”

Earlier on Monday, an Israeli settler opened fire at a Palestinian child in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, wounding him.

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Israeli forces injure 6 Palestinians during night raid on Jenin

Hebron (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces injured by Tuesday midnight six Palestinians during a raid on Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said that six Palestinians were injured after being shot with live ammunition by the Israeli forces, including one who was rushed to a hospital in Nablus to get the necessary treatment after being critically injured.

(Source / 03.08.2021)

Israeli forces brutally assault 4 Palestinians in Beita

Nablus (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday midnight assaulted four Palestinians during night-confusion activities in Beita village in Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said at least 4 Palestinians were assaulted by the occupation forces in Beita.

They were rushed to the hospital to receive medical treatment as they have been severely beaten, resulting in fractures and bruises.

Beita village becomes a site of weekly protests against the Israeli occupation and settlement expansion, which are often suppressed by Israeli forces.

The occupation authorities evacuated dozens of Israeli settlers from the illegal settlement of Evyatar in Beita, after a deal was reached between a settler leader and the occupation government of new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Yossi Dagan, head of settler organisation the Shomron Regional Council, struck a deal with Israel’s defence minister, Benny Gantz, and interior minister Ayelet Shaked, that will turn Evyatar into a religious school and a military base for the Israeli forces.

‘Israel’ will keep about 50 caravan houses settlers installed in May on Palestinian lands belonging to the residents of the occupied West Bank village of Beita, while settlers would “return” to the land when Israeli occupation authorities designate it as “state-owned.”

In early May, a group of Israeli settlers set up caravans on Jabal Sabih, and with the help of Israeli occupation forces have since prevented any Palestinian access to the area.

Within days, settlers installed mobile houses, built roads and raised an Israeli flag over the settlement.

Since then, Beita has witnessed several protests against the new settler outpost on Jabal Sabih, which lies on the southern outskirts of the village and comprises an estimated 30 percent of Beita’s entire land area.

The livelihoods of at least 17 Palestinian families – more than 100 people – are threatened as they depend on harvesting their olives on land they have owned for generations.

(Source / 03.08.2021)