Israeli police order Jerusalemite to demolish his house in at-Tur

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Israeli police forced on Thursday a Jerusalemite from at-Tur town in Occupied Jerusalem to demolish his house, under the pretext of not having a permit.

Sohaib al-Dajani, the owner of the house, said in a press statement that the occupation police ordered him and his brothers to raze a home which houses three families in Khallet al-Ain in at-Tur town.

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Dajani stated that the Israeli police gave him until next Sunday to demolish the house, otherwise the Israeli municipality bulldozers will raze it and fine him thousands of shekels as demolition expenses.

He pointed out that the house consists of three apartments, each of which is 200 square meters and is inhabited by him and two of his brothers and their families.

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Palestinians are forced to demolish their homes in Jerusalem to avoid incurring exorbitant demolition expenses and fines by the Israeli municipality. They are denied building permits, which force them to build without permits in order to provide shelter for them and their families.

(Source / 31.07.2021)

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