Israel holds 1,000 cars for Gaza merchants in its ports

Gaza cars

GAZA, (PIC) – Israel is holding 1,000 cars for Gazan auto dealers and the value of which is estimated at $40 million, as stated by Ismael Al-Nakhala, the head of the Vehicle Importers Association in Gaza, on Saturday.

Nakhala pointed out that there are more than a thousand cars held in Israeli ports, bought by Gaza merchants and Israel refuses to allow them access into the Strip.

He added that the dealers who bought the cars hope the border crossings would open soon so that the cars would be allowed entry, estimating the price of the cars at $40 million.

Nakhalah said that Gaza merchants have incurred heavy losses because they are forced to pay fees for the Israeli ports in return for parking those vehicles.

(Source / 31.07.2021)

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