Sada Social slams Facebook’s ongoing censorship of Palestinian content

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Sada Social, a social media rights group, has denounced the Facebook administration for escalating its unjust censorship campaign and restrictions against Palestinian pages belonging to news agencies.

Sada Social said it received many complaints recently about Facebook’s continued restrictions on publishing postings and accessing pages belonging to noted news agencies in the Palestinian area, despite the fact that what they had published was purely news content.

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Sada Social affirmed that it would continue to monitor Facebook’s violations against Palestinian content and work on contacting the social media company to obtain clarifications about the reasons for its recent measures.

Facebook already admitted that it had responded to hundreds of requests submitted by the Israeli authorities asking for blocking accounts or postings belonging to Palestinian news outlets and social media activists.

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It cited incitement against Israel and its citizens to justify its measures against Palestinian accounts while ignoring Israeli incitement against the Palestinians on its platform.

(Source / 28.07.2021)

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