‘Israel’ launches direct flights to Morocco after normalizing ties

Direct flights between the occupation state of ‘Israel’ and Morocco have officially begun today, seven months after the two signed an agreement to normalize relations.

El Al and Israir both launched their first flights to Marrakesh on Sunday with a ceremony to mark the step.

“We continue to build infrastructure and create tourism anchors that will promote tourism to Israel when we defeat the coronavirus,” said Israeli Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov.

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·Launching of flights to Morocco from Israel, another important step in the implementation of the trilateral historical agreement

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Last year, ‘Israel’ and Arab countries, including the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco normalized ties, known as the Abraham Accords, brokered by Washington.

That time, King Mohammed said in a statement that Morocco would take three moves in the near future to advance relations.

First, there would be moves to facilitate direct flights to transport Jews of Moroccan origin and Israeli tourists to and from Morocco, he said.

Second, the North African nation will also seek to “resume official bilateral ties and diplomatic relations with Israel as soon as possible.”

Morocco will also seek “to develop innovative relationships in the economic and technological fields. As part of this goal, there will be work on renewing liaison offices in the two countries, as was the case in the past for many years, until 2002.”

Palestinians condemned the normalization agreements, saying they encouraged Israel’s denial of their rights and do not serve the Palestinian cause.

The Moroccans stopped short of fully normalizing diplomatic relations with ‘Israel’ when the deal was signed in December, preferring instead to mutually open diplomatic liaison offices in lieu of embassies — and potentially retaining bargaining chips should the next administration consider rolling back the Western Sahara decision.

(Source / 25.07.2021)

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