13 Palestinian Detainees Continue Hunger Strike

Thirteen Palestinian detainees, held by Israel under the arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial, are ongoing with the open-ended hunger strikes, demanding to be released.

The detainees are Salem Zeidat, Mohammad A’mar, Mahmoud Fasfous, Kayed Fasfous, Rafat Daraweesh, Guevara Nammoura, Maher Dalaysha, Aladdin Khaled Ali, Ahmad Abdul-Rahman Abu Sil, Mohammad Khaled Abu Sil, Husam Taiseer Rib’ey, and Fadi al-‘Amour.

They are held without charges or trial in the Negev detention camp, in addition to Ramon and Ofar prisons.

Salem Zeidat, 40, from Bani Neim town near Hebron, in southern West Bank, started the hunger strike twelve days ago. He was taken prisoner on February 22nd, 2020, and was sentenced to four months for ‘entering Israel without a permit.

After he served his prison sentence, he was slapped with five consecutive administrative detention orders, each between three and four months.

The detainee, a married father of five children between the ages of 18 months and seventeen years, is also a former political prisoner.

In addition, detainee Mohammad Monir A’mar, 26, from the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, started the hunger strike ten days ago. He was taken prisoner in October of 2020 and was slapped with three Administrative Detention orders.

Detainee Mojahed Mahmoud Hamed, from Silwad town near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, was abducted on September 22, 2020, and was slapped with two Administrative Detention orders, each for six months.

He is also a former political prisoner who spent 9 years in Israeli prisons and was abducted again only three months after his release and was slapped with an Administrative Detention order.

Furthermore, detainee Mahmoud al-Fasfous, 30, and his brother, Kayed, 32, from Doura near Hebron, started the hunger strike nine days ago.

They were abducted in July of the year 2020 and were slapped with several Administrative Detention orders.

Another detainee, identified as Rafat Daraweesh, 28, from Doura town, near Hebron, started the hunger strike nine days ago; he is also a former political prisoner, and has been held under the Administrative Detention orders since October 2020; he also has respiratory issues.

Furthermore, detainee Guevara Nammoura, 28, a soccer player with the Palestinian national team, was abducted in October 2020 and was slapped with two Administrative Detention orders.

Furthermore, detainee Maher Dalaysha, from the al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, started the hunger strike on Tuesday, July 20th, protesting his renewed Administrative Detention order.

He started the strike after he was released when he served a previous Administrative Detention order which ended Tuesday and was moved from prison to the ath-Thaheriyya Israeli military roadblock where he was abducted and slapped with a new order.

(Source / 23.07.2021)

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