Hamas: Vicious cycle of Palestinian situation ‘must be broken’

Senior Hamas official Musa Abu-Marzouq [Palestine & The Revolutions/Facebook]
Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu-Marzouq 

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas said today that the “vicious cycle” experienced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation “must be broken”.

In a tweet member of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouq, commented on the regional and international interest in bolstering the Palestinian Authority (PA) in order to save it from collapsing and easing the siege on Gaza so the situation does not erupt into war.

“Regional and international parties are moving around Gaza, fearing an explosion of the situation,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that they are discussing the “reconstruction and easing siege.”

Meanwhile, in the West Bank, they seek “to improve the economy, fearing the fall of the PA,” he said.

“This vicious cycle must be broken,” he added, stressing that the whole situation in the occupied territories must be resolved, not simply pacified.

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(Source / 20.07.2021)

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