Palestinian Forces call Egypt to facilitate travel through Rafah crossing

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Follow-up Committee of the National and Islamic Forces announced – Friday – sending a letter to the Egyptian leadership, calling for facilitating travel procedures for Palestinian citizens of the Gaza Strip traveling through the Rafah crossing and the Egyptian ports and airports.

The committee stated, in a statement, that the message came after many complaints and demands from citizens, which described unjustified suffering, whether at the Rafah crossing or the checkpoints, roads, and the Al-Fardan ferryboat.

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The committee called an increase in the working hours of the Rafah crossing, not to close it on some days, increasing the number of travelers leaving through the intersection.

They also demanded a review of the so-called file of listed, according to which tens of thousands and perhaps more are prevented from traveling, especially among young people, in addition to the need to abolish a minimum age for entry through Airport and crossing.

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The letter also called for stopping the confiscation of travelers’ belongings without legal justification, facilitating inspection procedures at the ferryboat and checkpoints, and unifying the security follow-up agencies for travel.

The Follow-up Committee expressed concern about the decline in the facilities agreed upon with Egypt during the national dialogue and when Minister Abbas Kamel visited Gaza.

The follow-up committee promised that the relationship between Egypt and the Palestinian people is one of brotherhood, and “therefore, it is unreasonable for a brother to narrow down the path of his brothers, especially since the Rafah crossing is the only passage to Gaza to and from the world.”

(Source / 17.07.2021)

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