Al-Qarawi: Israeli’s storming of my house aims to intimidate but not deviate us from path

Days of Palestine – Tulkarm – Representative in the Legislative Council Fathi Al-Qar’awi said that the Israeli occupation soldiers stormed his house in Nour Shams camp, Tulkarm, after he and his children performed the dawn prayer today, Monday, while the women and children remained in the place.

He explained that he was informed of the intrusion after the prayer and before returning home through a phone call from a neighbor.

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Al-Qarawi pointed out that the main aim of the intrusion was to terrorize and intimidate his family, pointing out that he was prevented from reaching the house and held in a remote place until the inspections were completed.

Al-Qarawi added that the Israeli occupation’s singling out those who remained in the house caused terror against children and women as part of a quick inspection that did not take an hour of his apartment and his children’s apartments.

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Al-Qarawi said: “We are accustomed to the occupation’s actions, and this is not the first time. Many times, the house was stormed, and our resolve did not waver.”

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the house of the representative of the Legislative Council, Fathi Al-Qar’awi, in Tulkarm, while he was going to the dawn prayer, and interrogated his family members.

(Source / 13.07.2021)

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