‘Israel needs to occupy Gaza to deter Hamas,’ says Israeli researcher

In an article written by Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security’s, Israeli security expert Omer Dostri said Israel has a right: “To adopt a gradual approach in dealing with the various threats facing it.”

In his paper, Dostri states that Israel: “Should deal with each threat separately, from the lightest to the heaviest, focusing as much as possible on the most serious threat it is facing, which is Iran’s nuclear programme.”

Dostri also states in his paper that the repeated failure to deter Hamas makes it necessary for Israel to occupy the Gaza Strip and overthrow the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement.

“This approach requires moving first to the policy of deterring Hamas, with the aim of overthrowing its rule, as a step towards the next threat,” Dostri writes.

He continues, “The threat posed by the Gaza Strip is secondary in importance, compared to other threats such as the Lebanese and Iranian fronts, but Hamas’s continued armament, and Israel’s failure to deter it over the years, increases the threat over time, and it may develop into a threat of equal importance to the Lebanese front.”

Dostri also claims that in a multi-battle war, “Israel is expected to fight on three main fronts – Lebanon, the Golan Heights and Gaza, while airstrikes carried out by long-range missiles or explosive devices from Iraq and Yemen provide fertile ground for Iranian military bases, through the Iraqi militias and the Houthis in Yemen, and in such a situation, Hamas may be a force multiplier for Iran’s efforts to harm Israel.”

He also writes that “Israel should turn to strengthening its deterrence against Hezbollah in Lebanon, and then focus exclusively on the threat of Iran’s military nuclear programme.”

In order to reduce the threats against it, Dostri explains, Israel has first to eliminate Hamas: “Because in recent decades, it has become an important governmental force responsible for the Gaza Strip and its residents, making it vulnerable to deterrence due to its fear of losing its control.”

He also states that Israel must “respond to Hamas with much more firepower against targets of much higher quality, and with a much greater amount of attacks, to the launch of any rocket from Gaza.”

He insists that Israel must “apply this policy to flying incendiary balloons and explosive gliders, or sending activists to carry out acts of violence near the fence.”

Dostri concludes his paper by insisting that Israel has to move to a “more deterrent strategy, by beginning to implement the strategy of ‘the battle between the wars’ in Gaza.”

(Source / 04.07.2021)

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