Pictures| Resistance in Beita forces settlers to dismantle outpost

Israeli settlers dismantled a settlement outpost in Sabih mountain in Beita due to popular resistance

Occupied Nablus (QNN)- The popular resistance in Beita forced Israeli settlers today to dismantle an outpost on Sabih mountain.

Dozens of Israeli colonial settlers packed and left houses that they have recently built on land that they stole from Beita.

The dismantlement of the illegal outpost came upon an agreement between the settlers and the Israeli PM Naftali Bennet. The agreement followed pressure by Beita’s popular resistance.

The settlers had built houses on Sabih mountain during the aggression on Gaza last month. The outpost led to daily confrontations.

Israeli forces killed four of Beita’s residents during the confrontations, including two children. They also wounded hundreds of protesters.

Quds News Network 2 hours ago

Israeli colonial settlers are packing their belongings and leaving the illegal Israeli settlement of Evyatar, which was recently built at Jabal Sabih mount near the village of Beita in the occupied West Bank.


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(Source / 02.07.2021)

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