EXCLUSIVE| More details on Nizar Banat assassination uncovered

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- The family of Nizar Banat uncovered more horrifying details about the assassination of Nizar Banat and the torture that he has been subject to.

Al Masar program, presented by Lina Abu Halawah on QNN Arabic, met Hussein Banat, Nizar’s cousin who was accompanying him when PA police broke into the house. Hussein revealed that Nizar was brutally beaten up in every possible way, which killed him.

In a virtual recreation of the crime, Hussein said a police force broke into the house, where Nizar was sleeping. Cops tried to break into the main door using a crowbar but they failed. After that, they found a hole in a window, so one cop got into the house through it and opened the house for 17 other cops.

After they broke into the house, where Nizar has been hiding for two months, two cops pointed their guns at Hussein and his brother, while another cop started checking on Nizar, according to Hussein.

“At the start, we thought that those, who broke into the house were from the Israeli army. The rest of the members got in and the one, who was carrying a crowbar, started beating Nizar on his head using it. After the first hit, Nizar woke up and shouted “what is going on?” All other cops started using everything to beat him up while he was still laying in the bed.”

“After brutally beating him up, they stripped him and dragged him, and handcuffed him. Then, they sprayed three canisters of pepper spray at his face. Nizar tried to stand up and talk but it was hard for him to even breathe. After that, they hit him to the wall and he fainted. They dragged him towards the door and he was alive at the time. After they arrested him, officers dressed in the uniform of the Preventative Security Service got in.”

Hussein said that members of a special force also came back after arresting Nizar to take his laptop and cell phones. They prevented Hussein and his brother from moving and threatened to shoot at them if they leave the house.

“After arresting him, Nizar tried to walk before he breathed his last breath, however, they dragged him and continued to beat him to humiliate his body”, Hussein added.

Hussein said that a surveillance camera documented Nizar’s arrest. The footage, published by QNN a few days ago, showcases security members carrying tools that they used during the assassination.

He added that “we have our sources, which prove the involvement of those who assassinated Nizar”.
“We knew the identities of those, who broke into the house and took part in the assassination and if the government stalls in bringing those responsible for justice, we will have other options.”

(Source / 01.07.2021)

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