Palestine’s feminist movement stresses it will continue to protect women from PA police harassments

Tal’at activists during protests in 2019

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- Tal’at feminist movement said that it will continue to protect women from the Palestinian Authority’s security forces and to protest against “colonialism and its subcontractors.”

The statement comes after PA cops published personal pictures of female protestors online to blackmail them. The Pictures have been taken from the protesters’ phones, which Palestinian cops had confiscated.

“Yesterday, the Palestinian Authority repressed a protest in Ramallah against the repression, corruption, and cooperation with the occupation”, Tal’at said in a statement published on its Facebook official page.

“The security forces and thugs targeted women, sexually harassed them, ad stole their phones and handbags”, it added.

“Every woman has the right to live as she wants. We will never allow targeting any of us. We will expose anyone who publishes pictures or videos that invade the privacy of women. We also call on everyone to report any such posts on social media platforms.”

“we will protect women in every possible way… Neither the authorities’ repression nor the thugs’ blackmail would prevent us from continuing our feminist fight against colonialism and its subcontractors. Our community should protect its heroines during this shameless campaign.”

(Source / 29.06.2021)

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