Soldiers Demolish Commercial Structure, Injures 16 Palestinians, Abduct Three, In Silwan

Israeli soldiers demolished Tuesday, a commercial structure, and injured at least sixteen Palestinians in the al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan town, in the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem. The building is among seventeen structures and homes threatened with demolition in Silwan.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) said dozens of soldiers, police officers, and personnel of the City Council in occupied Jerusalem invaded the al-Bustan neighborhood during morning hours, and demolished “Hebron Meat Market” shop, after removing its contents.

Silwanic added that the soldiers assaulted many Palestinians and maced them with pepper spray, including the shop’s owner Nidal Rajabi who was repeatedly beaten up by the soldiers before they briefly detained him and his son, Harbi.

Rajabi told Silwanic that his store, 40 square/meter, was built ten years ago and that in the year 2016, the City Council in occupied Jerusalem issued a demolition order, in addition to a 20.000 Shekels fine which the family is still paying.

A scuffle broke out between the soldiers and the indigenous Palestinians before the army abducted Eyad Rajabi, Fadi Rajabi, and Ahmad Nidal Rajabi.

The soldiers also fired many rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs at the Palestinians and injured 14 others, including six who were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets, among them one who was shot in the chest.

One Palestinian suffered bruises and burns in the arm after the soldiers fired a gas bomb at him.

Furthermore, the soldiers mildly injured a cameraman working for the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera after firing a gas bomb at him.

The soldiers also invaded and ransacked homes, in addition to interrogating many Palestinians.

Silwanic stated that the family that owns the shop was ordered to demolish its store, and today, Tuesday, was the deadline.

Silwanic said Israel issued demolition orders targeting seventeen residential and commercial buildings in the al-Bustan neighborhood, including 13 self-demolition orders where the families were informed to demolish their buildings or pay excessive fines and fees if the city carries the demolitions out.

It is worth mentioning that Israel is planning to demolish the entire neighborhood which includes 100 homes, and 1550 Palestinians, especially after the City Council rejected the neighborhood’s structural plan.

Israel has been planning to remove the Palestinians from the neighborhood by demolishing their homes and stores as part of colonialist plans that include creating a “National Garden,” on the ruins of Palestinian structures.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

Army Issues Demolition Orders Targeting Four Homes Near Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers invaded, Tuesday, the al-Walaja village, northwest of Bethlehem south of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank, and handed the Palestinians four demolition orders targeting their homes.

Local nonviolent activist Ibrahim Awadallah said the soldiers invaded the Smei’ area in Ein Jweiza, northwest of al-Walaja, and handed the home demolition orders to four siblings from the Abu at-Teen family, identified as Hussein, Mohammad, Tareq, and Ahmad Nassr Abu at-Teen.

Ein Jweiza has been subject to escalating Israeli violations, including illegal colonialist plans to confiscate more Palestinian lands, and has already led to the demolition of dozens of homes and structures, in addition to outstanding demolition or halt construction orders.

In related news, the soldiers demolished a shop, and injured at least sixteen Palestinians in the al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan town, in the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem. The building is among seventeen structures and homes threatened with demolition in Silwan.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians In Nablus And Ramallah

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, two young men from Nablus and Ramallah, in the northern and central parts of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources in Nablus said the soldiers invaded several neighborhoods in the city, before storming and ransacking homes.

They added that the soldiers abducted a young man, identified as Omar Shalhoub from his home in Asira Street, and summoned Soheib al-Kharraz for interrogation.

In addition, undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrated Bil’in town, west of Ramallah, and kidnapped Hamza Khatib from his home.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded the al-Walaja village, northwest of Bethlehem south of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank, and handed the Palestinians four demolition orders targeting their homes.

In related news, the soldiers demolished a shop, and injured at least sixteen Palestinians in the al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan town, in the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem. The building is among seventeen structures and homes threatened with demolition in Silwan.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

Israeli forces break into Al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan, brutally assault residents

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Dozens of Israeli forces vehicles have broken into Al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan in the occupied Jerusalem today, two days after the end of the 21-day Israeli deadline for 13 Palestinian families to self-demolish their homes in the neighborhood.

The forces have stormed the neighborhood and started demolishing Palestinian-owned structures in the area, including a commercial store.

They were also seen brutally assaulting and beating the owner of the commercial store, Nedal Rajabi, after demolishing his store.

Other Injuries were reported as a Cameraman, identified as Labib Jizmawi, was injured while he’s covering the demolitions in the neighborhood.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

PA police blackmails female protesters by posting personal pictures online

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian Authority police have been blackmailing female protesters by posting their private pictures on social media following their participating in anti-corruption protests.

After they stole their personal handbags and snatched phones off the hands of female protesters, the PA police have been blackmailing the female protesters online after they participated in anti-government protests against the PA’s force kidnapping and assassination of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat early Thursday.

The forces have posted private pictures of the female protesters on social media, in an attempt to blackmail and intimidate them to suppress their voice.

Local sources also said that the forces were harassing the female protesters while participating in the protests.

Nizar Banat’s killing by the PA’s forces during his arrest has been met with anger on the streets and condemnation from Palestinian factions and human rights organizations.

Nizar is an outspoken critic of the Palestinian Authority who had intended to run in parliamentary elections before they were cancelled earlier this year.

Banat’s health deteriorated when the PA’s force went to arrest him.

He was taken to a hospital where he was later announced dead, as around 25 Palestinian security forces stormed the home where Nizar was staying, blowing out doors and windows, beating Nizar with an iron bar and sprayed pepper spray in his eyes before undressing him and dragging him away to a vehicle.

In response, Palestinians have rallied to the streets to express their anger and condemnation while chanting against the PA president, Mahmoud Abbas.

The protestors have also called to conduct a comprehensive investigation into what happened and to ensure that those responsible for Banat’s death were punished.

“We call for the killers to be prosecuted,” they chanted.

However, the PA forces were suppressing the protesters and violently attacked them.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

Hamas says what happened in Silwan is “crossing of red lines and messing with triggers”

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The spokesperson for Hamas in Jerusalem, Muhammad Hamada, said that the violations that the occupation is committing in Al Bustan neighborhood in Silwan is another “crossing of red lines and messing with triggers.”

“The resistance stresses that it is awake and mindful of the occupation’s acts in Jerusalem”, Hamada added in a press release. “We will not allow the occupier to continue the policy of the gradual swallowing of Jerusalem in order to change its reality and Judaize it. The resistance’s options to retaliate are open and numerous, and they can all be subject to study and execution.”

The movement also called on Palestinians to continue their struggle against the occupation and make it pay the price.

It also called on mediators to act and deter the Israeli aggression on Jerusalem and its people and holy places.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

Palestine’s feminist movement stresses it will continue to protect women from PA police harassments

Tal’at activists during protests in 2019

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- Tal’at feminist movement said that it will continue to protect women from the Palestinian Authority’s security forces and to protest against “colonialism and its subcontractors.”

The statement comes after PA cops published personal pictures of female protestors online to blackmail them. The Pictures have been taken from the protesters’ phones, which Palestinian cops had confiscated.

“Yesterday, the Palestinian Authority repressed a protest in Ramallah against the repression, corruption, and cooperation with the occupation”, Tal’at said in a statement published on its Facebook official page.

“The security forces and thugs targeted women, sexually harassed them, ad stole their phones and handbags”, it added.

“Every woman has the right to live as she wants. We will never allow targeting any of us. We will expose anyone who publishes pictures or videos that invade the privacy of women. We also call on everyone to report any such posts on social media platforms.”

“we will protect women in every possible way… Neither the authorities’ repression nor the thugs’ blackmail would prevent us from continuing our feminist fight against colonialism and its subcontractors. Our community should protect its heroines during this shameless campaign.”

(Source / 29.06.2021)

BREAKING| Israeli forces crack down on protesters in Silwan

An Israeli court decided to demolish all house of Al Bustan neighborhood under the pretext of being built without permits

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces cracked down on protesters in the Bustan neighborhood in Silwan and used rubber-coated metal bullets and sound grenades against them.

Confrontations erupted in the neighborhood between locals and Israeli forces following the Israeli attack. An Israeli illegal settler is reportedly wounded during the confrontations.

Dozens of Palestinians had headed to the neighborhood earlier today to stand in solidarity with its residents. The protest following the Israeli demolition of a house in the neighborhood in preparation for ethnically cleansing the entire neighborhood.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

Israeli occupation starts demolition of Jeursalem’s Al Bustan district

Deadline set by Israel to demolish 13 Palestinians homes in Al Bustan ended on Sunday. Another deadline set to demolish 21 shops ended on Monday

Israeli occupation forces started early on Tuesday morning demolition of Palestinian homes in Al Bustan district of Jeursalem’s neighbourhood of Silwan.

As the demolition started, Palestinians took to the streets in order to prevent the demolition of their homes and shops.

However, the Israeli occupation forces used lethal force to disperse them and keep them away from the demolition sites.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces opened live and rubber ammunition at the Palestinians, as well as they threw gas canister at them.

The sources reported that several Palestinians were wounded, but gave no details about their number and conditions.

Bustan 2

Bustan 3

Bustan 1


So far, the Israeli occupation force have demolished the shop of Nidal al Rajabi, who said that his shop is one out of 21 others whose demolition deadline, set by an Israeli court, ended on Monday.

Meanwhile, a deadline for the demolition of 13 homes in the same area ended on Sunday.

The house of Nidal al Rajabi, the owner of the shop, which has been demolished, is among the 13 houses facing demolition.

In 2005, Israeli occupation issued demolition orders for 100 Palestinian homes in Al Bustan. It has so far demolished 10 of them.

(Source / 29.06.2021)

Haneyya discusses developments with Lebanese parliament speaker

Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berri met in his office on Monday with Ismail Haneyya, the Hamas political bureau chairman, along with the accompanying delegation and discussed latest Palestinian developments.

Berri congratulated the delegation on the victory achieved in the “Saif al-Quds” battle and praised the Palestinian steadfastness, calling for uniting Palestinian efforts and positions.

For his part, Haneyya lauded the Lebanese support for the Palestinian cause and people and Berri’s efforts in this regard.

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He affirmed that resistance in Palestine will continue preparing for the final liberation battle.

The Hamas leader called for providing the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon with civilian and humanitarian rights until they return to their homeland.

The Hamas delegation also met with the leader of the Islamic group in Lebanon Azzam al-Ayoubi and lauded its role in Lebanon. Haneyya elaborated on the achievements of “Saif al-Quds” victory and its impact on the Islamic Nation.

Ayoubi, for his part, appreciated the delegation’s visit and affirmed the group’s support for the Palestinian cause

(Source / 29.06.2021)