Fatah members in Lebanon attack protesters against Nizar Banat killing

Beirut (QNN)- Fatah members attacked protesters, who protested against the killing of Nizar Banat in Beirut today.

Eyewitnesses told QNN that “members of Fatah arrived in the place of the protest before it started then attacked protesters when they arrived”.

According to eyewitnesses, the attack left injuries among protesters, who gathered in front of the Palestinian embassy in Beirut.

PA security forces have been attacking protesters in the West Bank on a daily basis during the last five days.

Members of the Preventative Security Service (PSS) killed Nizar Banat. Banat was an advocate of free speech and an outspoken critic of the PA’s corruption and security coordination with ‘Israel’.

QNN published surveillance footage, showing PSS members dressed in civilian clothes kidnapping Banat and also beating him.

(Source / 28.06.2021)

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