Intl watchdogs condemn PA’s repression of anti-corruption protests

Ramallah (QNN)- Local and international human rights watchdogs condemned the Palestinian Authority’s repression of a Ramallah protest on Saturday. Palestinian factions also called for holding those responsible accountable.

Videos of PA security forces dressed in civilian clothes and attacking journalists and protesters trended on social media platforms.

The PFLP called on Palestinians to protest and express their rejection of the police practices.

Hamas said that “the brutal repression by the PA’s security forces in the West Bank against protesters is a criminal behavior”. It also stressed that the PA police violate all national and moral principles.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad (IJ) movement said that “Palestinians have the right to call for bringing corrupted officials to justice”. the spokesperson for the movement, Tareq Salmi, added that “the PA’s policies reflect its failure at all levels.”

In the same content, the Independent Committee of Human Rights condemned the repression of the protesters. It also described it as being “a dangerous behavior on the civil peace.”

The committee demanded to release all detainees in the PA’s jails. It also called for respecting the right of peaceful assembly and the right of speech.

Also, Lawyers for Justice said linked the repression to previous statements by PA officials.

The UN bureau in Palestine said it has documented “a brutal usage of power against protesters and also restrictions against journalists and human rights organizations.”

It added that it is “shocked” by the PA’s security forces’ practices. It also stressed that “investigating the usage of excessive or unjustified force is a must.”

(Source / 27.06.2021)

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