Israeli forces raze agricultural roads in Masafer Yatta

Days of Palestine – Hebron – Today, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces re-razed agricultural roads linking the villages of Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, and closed them with earth mounds.

The Protection and Resilience Committees coordinator in the south of Hebron, Fouad Al-Amour, confirmed that the Israeli occupation bulldozers re-razed and closed the road opened by the Protection Committees with Masafer Yatta, which connects “Khallet al-Daba” and “Shaab al-Butm” with its surroundings of ruins.

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Al-Amour indicated that the Khallet al-Daba road was bulldozed several times to tighten the noose around the citizens in the traveler and put pressure on them to displace them from the area in favor of settlement expansion in the south of Hebron.

(Source / 24.06.2021)

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