Hundreds of Palestinians protest against PA’s killing of Nizar Banat

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Hundreds of Palestinians have rallied in several cities in Palestine today, in protest against the killing of the Palestinian activist Nizar Banat by the Palestinian Authority security forces during his arrest.

Nizar, an outspoken critic of the Palestinian Authority who had intended to run in parliamentary elections before they were cancelled earlier this year, died during his arrest by PA forces early Thursday.

In a brief statement, the Hebron governorate said his “health deteriorated” when a force of the security services went to arrest him early Thursday.

It said he was taken to a hospital where he was later announced dead, as around 25 Palestinian security forces stormed the home where Nizar was staying, blowing out doors and windows,beating Nizar with an iron bar and sprayed pepper spray in his eyes before undressing him and dragging him away to a vehicle.

In response, Palestinians have rallied to the streets in Ramallah and Hebron and other Palestinian cities to express their anger and condemnation while chanting against the PA president, Mahmoud Abbas.

The protestors have also called to conduct a comprehensive investigation into what happened and to ensure that those responsible for Banat’s death were punished.

“We call for the killers to be prosecuted,” they chanted.

(Source / 24.06.2021)

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