Israeli forces arrest 34 citizens of the West Bank

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – At dawn today, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces launched a massive arrest campaign in separate areas of the West Bank, targeting 34 citizens, most of them from the Salfit and Jerusalem governorates.

In Salfit, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 14 citizens from the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan. They are the brothers Ammar, Ikrimah, Imran Aziz Merhi, Ayoub Ahmed Merhi, Ramzi Merhi, Saed Asi, Ahmed Muhib Merhi, Anas Azmi Merhi, Yahya Azmi Merhi, Mujahid Merhi, and the brothers Muhammad Amin Merhi, Abdul Rahman Amin Merhi, Ibrahim Amin Merhi, and Asif Zuhair Rayan.

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In Jenin, Israeli occupation forces arrested: Muhammad Mahmoud al-Ja’far, Badr Mahmoud Mallah, Haitham al-Hajj Salih al-Kafrini, Musab Jaaysa, Amin Zaidan Khazem, and his son Abd al-Rahman and Farah Sabri Freihat from Rummana in the west after raiding and searching their relatives’ homes.

In Tulkarm, the Israeli occupation forces arrested the two brothers Ammar (30 years old) and Yahya Ali Abu Zahra (28 years old) after raiding their homes in the suburb of Thanaba to the east.

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In Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Silwan, raided and searched several houses, and arrested: Zaher Dabei, Khaldoun Sarhan, Jihad Abu Ramuz, Amir Qara’in, Harbi Al-Rajabi, Ayoub Al-Rajabi, Nasser Abu Najma, Nassim Abu Najma, and Maher Ahmed Zaitoun. , Ibrahim Ghaith, Mahran Al-Rajbi, and Yazan Al-Basti.

(Source / 22.06.2021)

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