Israeli forces break into Palestinians’ homes in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – On Sunday evening, large forces of the Israeli occupation army stormed the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, and suppressed the youths and the residents with sound bombs, amid the settlers’ threat to burn the homes of the Palestinian citizens.

Mona Al-Kurd, an activist in Sheikh Jarrah, said in a press statement that the settlers threw stones at the citizens, under the protection of the Israeli occupation soldiers.

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Al-Kurd explained that the settlers stormed several houses accompanied by the occupation forces and directed threats and insults at the Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation forces occupied the roof of the Qasim family’s house after storming it, claiming to search for a young man who threw stones at settlers and soldiers.

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The neighborhood witnessed clashes with young men who fired firecrackers at the intrusive force and settlers.

Israeli occupation forces used a wastewater vehicle to suppress the young men and remove them from Sheikh Jarrah.

The Israeli occupation has continued to close the entrances to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for about 40 days with iron and cement barriers and prevents citizens from outside the neighborhood and solidarity activists from reaching it and meeting its residents.

Twenty-eight Palestinian families have been at risk of eviction from the homes they have resided in since 1956. Settler groups claim that the homes were built on land that was owned by Jews before 1948, which the residents deny, as well as documents in their possession.

Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood witnesses daily clashes between the occupation forces and its settlers, and between the residents of the neighborhood and the Jerusalemites, the youth and the solidarity activists, who confront the settlers’ incursions and attacks, and affirm their steadfastness in their homes and land.

The 500 Jerusalemites living in 28 homes in the neighborhood are at risk of displacement at the hands of settlement associations after years of complicity with the occupation courts, which recently issued a decision against seven families to be displaced, despite the fact that the residents of the neighborhood are the actual and legal owners of the land.

In recent days, the Israeli occupation forces escalated the arrests of dozens of Jerusalemites and Palestinians from the occupied interior against the backdrop of the marches and protests they witnessed against the crimes of the occupation in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Israeli occupation targets Jerusalemites and the Al-Murabitin in particular, through arrests, deportations, and fines, with the aim of keeping them away from Al-Aqsa Mosque, and leaving it as a pretext for settlement ambitions.

(Source / 21.06.2021)

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