Pictures| Gallery on Gaza houses rubble honoring 97 children killed by ‘Israel’

Gallery on the rubble of houses in Gaza, honoring children killed during the Israeli wars on Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- A youth initiative in Gaza held a gallery on the rubble of houses, honoring 97 children, killed by Israeli strikes.

“If we stopped dreaming” initiative organized the gallery on the rubble of the Saqqas’ house. Israeli airstrikes have completely demolished the house during the latest aggression on Gaza.

The gallery contained pictures of 97 children that the Israeli strikes killed. Also, figures of an Israeli jet throwing a bomb and keys, representing the right of return.

The house was a four-story building, which used to be the home to nearly 70 citizens including women ad children. All of them are now homeless after Israeli strikes demolished the building.

The recent Israeli aggressions on Gaza and the West Bank left 290 victims, including 69 children, 40 women, and 17, as well as, over 8900 injuries.

The aggression also left thousands of civilian buildings demolished, making thousands of Gazans homeless.

A Palestinian youth initiative in #Gaza held a gallery on the rubble of houses bombed by Israeli airstrikes, displaying pictures of the 97 Palestinian children who were killed by ‘Israel’ during its latest aggression against the besieged Strip.

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(Source / 19.06.2021)

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