Expired vaccines deal is political, health, and moral scandal for PA

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Dr. Ayed Yaghi, Health Sector Coordinator in the Palestinian NGOs Network, said in a press statement that the expired vaccines deal is a political, health, and moral scandal for the Palestinian Authority (PA), and this is another indication of the absence of oversight and accountability in authority, and if this deal passed, it would have led to a health disaster for the Palestinians.

“We have no confidence in the government’s statements in Ramallah because the statement came after the media revealed and exposed the deal, and during dealing with the Corona file, we noticed many waves of abuse and errors in the Ministry of Health in Ramallah,” He said.

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Dr. Yaghi added that we do not have direct contact with health in Ramallah, and we do not have a mechanism for monitoring and follow-up, and the Israeli occupation is responsible according to international law in providing equipment and health requirements. Still, the PA has waived this right by communicating with the Israeli occupation.

He stressed that the justifications of the PA are flimsy and cannot be believed, and it deals with the Israeli occupation. It must expose the occupation and not cooperate with it in this way. The international humanitarian law must master the situation, and the Israeli occupation must bear the responsibility for its occupation of Palestine.

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(Source / 19.06.2021)

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